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Wood Effect Tiles - The Most Searched Pins

Date: February 6th, 2017 CTD Tiles | Tags: wood effect, weood tiles, tiles, tile, pinterest, pinterest trends, trends, trend report, searched pins, interior design, trevermade, treverkever, wood floor, tiled floor, kitchen floor, design, Hygge, heated floor


Each year Pinsights team check out the most saved pins and check out what the most popular trends are across 8 different categories.

Trend Report

•    Wellness
•    Beauty
•    Women’s Style
•    Men’s Style
•    Home
•    Personal Interests
•    Travel
•    Life Events

From 90’s flashbacks to futuristic interior trends it would seem the world of Pinterest is loving a broad selection of fun and exciting interior trend led pins - includes ones we simply can’t get enough of...but it's the Home section that has our interior taste buds tingling.

The third largest category on Pinterest, the home category is by far one of the most inspiring and personal categories of all.  Not too dissimilar to fashion, new trends are always emerging so it is no surprise to see pinners are constantly looking for new influences and designs.

New projects, renovations and must have colours are on the most searched list which is recorded from January through to November.

Now that the results are in and they have all been verified by the Pinsights team we can happily share the results with you.

In no particular order:

•    51% Wood tile
•    40% Farmhouse style
•    50% Acrylic décor
•    54% Heated floors
•    285% Hygge
•    90% Copper
•    721%Nightstands
•    303% Marble Wallpaper
•    200% The Indoor Plant

While all of these categories brought back some interesting and some already anticipated results it was the return of the Hygge and Wood Effect Tile trends which has us excited.

Living in a cosy farmhouse style house with rustic alternatives, modern copper accents, marble effect touches and the Dutch trend Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) sounds like quite an interesting mix, a mix we are keen to explore and it would seem that with over 8 billion ideas to pursue and over 150 million pinners a month, we aren’t the only ones interested in creating the dream home!

Inspired by making the most of the simple things, the Hygge trend teaches us to appreciate the small things in life, natural and inexpensive. 

Bouncing off this must have trend comes the Wood Tile trend, a rustic yet rich in character tile trend that has the ability to transform your home into a warm and cosy retreat without the high price tag and all the style and class of a rustic exposed floorboard without the mess and upkeep.

So where do we begin? With our latest Treverkmade wood tile range of course!


Trevermade Wood Effect Tile Range

Treverkmade wood brick tile range includes a set of three tiles available in two sizes complete with a natural finish.

Getting on board with this natural yet innovative tile range has never been easier, transform your home the way you want with subtle or bold layout options including a modern Herringbone look.

Something that is increasingly common throughout hallways and living room areas.


Woodessence Tile Range

A glazed porcelain wood effect floor tile range which embodies elegance and class!

This elegant yet durable wood effect floor tile range offers trend setting qualities. Available in 700x100mm and 5 colour variations including Honey and Walnut.

Enjoying the simple things is easy when you’re surrounded by quality and tranquil interior décor don’t you think?!

Origini and Salvage Wood

Origini and Salvage Wood Effect Tiles

The look of real wood but with the extra benefits of glazed ceramic, this inspiring and natural effect tile range is perfect if you’re looking for sophistication and style.

Try using wood on the walls for a minimal European look with a difference guaranteed to make you house proud!  


Treverkermade Wood Effect Tile Range

Create the warm look of wood throughout the floors in your home with our Glazed Porcelain wood-look tiles including wood brick tiles. Add a touch of real warmth with our underfloor heating. In need of more inspiration? Take a look at wood effect tiles vs wood.

Don't forget you can order free tile samples of all the tile ranges from the Wood Tile trend online.

Not only does this come as a quality alternative to exposed flooring, you can also keep your feet warm all year around with Raychem under floor heating - A trend pinners have been searching far and wide for since last January. 

Wrap yourself in a beautifully warm floor with Raychem under floor heating when installed in the bathroom, kitchen or living space.

This wonderful touch provides a beautiful warm floor and a touch of affordable luxury.

View Underfloor Heating

Rraychem underfloor heating

So there you have it, a little look into the most wanted trends, inspired and influenced by you yourself and your fellow Pinterest enthusiasts.

We hope your feeling as inspired as we are and we look forward to sharing new trends and tile ranges with you soon.

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