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How to Perfectly Style our Varadero Tiles Collection

Date: October 21st, 2021 CTD Tiles | Tags: hexagon tiles, hexagon wall tiles, hexgon bathroom tiles

Looking for new ways to incorporate hexagon tiles in your home? Discover all the ways you can style our stunning Varadero tiles in our latest blog.

How to Perfectly Style our Varadero Tiles Collection

Here at CTD Tiles, we absolutely love the hex tile trend! It’s a charismatic design that has a huge impact on the look and feel of a space.

Varadero hexagon wall tiles

When the tile designs first came about a few years ago, they were only really available in more neutral, plain colours but as the trend has increased in popularity, we have seen the demand for more colourful and interesting patterns arise, which is what inspired the launch of our stunning Varadero collection.

4 different colours of hexagon tiles

In this blog, we have provided everything you need to know on how to style these colourful new designs and how they can turn your interiors into a hexagonal haven!

Plush Pink

Alongside the hex trend, pink has also made a huge resurgence, so why not pair the two together? Creating a striking appeal across any space in the home, the Varadero Rose tile from our latest range delivers the perfect pop of pink. We love how it works so well within bathroom settings, the soothing shades contrast wonderfully against white basins, statement brassware and accessories in soft plush shades, offering an eye-catching finish from top to bottom. You can even coordinate them with our Rose Pink Poitiers tiles for a totally colour cohesive vibe!

plush pink hexagon tiles

The Varadero tiles can also be used across living room floors for a look that is evocative of classic Cuban style. Alongside the exquisite complement of the tiles’ soft pastel colour, you can achieve a look that is modern but also classical and characterful.

pink floor hexagon tiles

Bold Blues

Be brave and go bold with a rich blue hue! Perfect for giving your home a statement look, the classic honeycomb shape of the Azure Varadero tile makes for the perfect option for larger spaces and big family bathrooms.

blue hexagon floor and wall tiles

We absolutely love how they’ve been used here in this stunning shower space, the eyecatching patterns work beautifully against the show stopping free-standing basin and is further characterised by our glossy Poitiers White Tiles, contemporary accessories and traditional details, leaving an utterly sought-after finish.

Tip: If you’re looking to embark on a full renovation, we always recommend creating a moodboard beforehand as this will help you to work out what different materials and colours the tiles will work with. It’s crucial to plan ahead, particularly if you’re workingwith bolder colour palettes. You’ll notice below that we’ve created a coherent mood board using our Azure Blue Poitiers and Varadero Tiles, it’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle! Easy, exciting and so much fun to do!

bring style and hexagon tiles

Minty Hues

Keep your home looking fresh with a minty colour palette! With its cheerful energy and brightening capacity, mint green creates the ultimate cool and calm living space. Its pastel hue retains a minimalist look that will last for years to come which is why it provides the ideal interior finish.

mint hexagon tiles

Our gorgeously serene Varadero Mint works a dream in kitchens, especially when placed against modern cabinetry, matt black brassware and our lovely Poitiers tiles in a matching Mint finish. The varying shades of the tiles also work exquisitely when mixed and matched with other colours from the range too, such as our soothing Varadero Grey and Moonlight tiles.

Feeling inspired? We hope our blog has helped you to consider all the new looks you can take on with our Varadero tile range. Give it a go and embrace, colour pattern and geometric style all in one!

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