How To Bring Colour Into Your Home Through Tiles

Date: December 6th, 2019 CTD Tiles | Tags: colour, colourful tiles, patterned tiles, coloured wall tiles, patterned floor tiles, Poitiers, Reflections, Crackle, Cuban, Havana, Arles

Gone are the days where a neutral palette dominated the home, and interior trends solely revolved around various shades of white, cream, beige and grey. Instead, bursts of colour are having a revival in popularity, with homeowners and interior designers choosing to incorporate brighter designs, featuring more personality, into their schemes.

Different shades suit different rooms, especially when considering which direction your room faces. For example, if your room faces north and often feels cool, shades containing warmer tones, such as pink, gold or yellow, will help it feel more welcoming. If your room faces south, and enjoys lots of sunlight, you can get away with most colours – even dark, dramatic ones.

Here at GEMINI Tiles, we embrace colour and love bringing cheerful shades into the home for everyone to enjoy. There are many different ways to bring colour into the home so, in this blog, we show you how best to use tiles to make a beautiful, stylish and colourful statement in your home.

Collage of colourful tiles

Using A Co-ordinated Colour Scheme

The first way to create a vibrant and bright scheme is to use one single coordinated and corresponding colour scheme. Simply put, choose one colour and stick to it – albeit, you might include varying shades of this colour, alongside complementary neutral tones, to break it up. 

For example, a blue colour palette works refreshingly well in most homes these days – versatile and eye-catching, this colour is also linked to creativity, serenity and productivity. Tiles are a great way to finish off a colour scheme, or perhaps you might even start with a favourite blue tile design and plan your colour scheme around that!

Collage of colourful tile including Poitiers, Reflections and Crackle

Our Poitiers range, available in a rich Azure Blue colour, is particularly striking against a clean white grout. When placed next to other shades of blue, particularly in a kitchen where the units and cabinets are painted in a blue finish, these metro tiles really come alive. The delicate texture of the tile catches the light and reveals ripples within the tile’s glossy surface for a subtle style statement. Featuring a classic shape, this tile can be used to create an array of playful patterns, from on-trend chevron compositions, to herringbone patterns and straight-line brick styles.

Pictured above: Poitiers, Reflections and Crackle

Using A Contrasting Colour Scheme

Alternatively, another way to bring colour into the home is to introduce contrasting colours and patterns. This is a real way to make a unique statement and allows you to get creative and think outside the box. For example, a statement wall painted in a rich Dutch blue can be livened up with the addition of some geometric tiles in a monochrome palette. 

Collage picture of colourful tile including Cuban and Poitiers

Our Cuban collection offers intricate geometric shapes in a subtle colour palette of silver, black and white, offering contrast and style to interior schemes. Working perfectly alongside Pantone’s newly announced Colour of the Year “Classic Blue”, and paired with a white gloss herringbone patterned tile backdrop, this inspirational look is guaranteed to help you achieve a contemporary hearthside.

Pictured above: Cuban and Poitiers

Using A Strong Accent Colour

Finally, our third tip for introducing colour into your home is to choose a more subtle colour scheme that is amplified by a stunning pop of colour. For example, a simple but pretty tile can best be shown off against a cream or white wall, as it draws the eye towards the tile’s pattern. Then, a single piece of furniture painted in a vibrant, bright colour can really make an interior space shine. 

Collage of colourful tile including Havana and Arles

For example, a striking yellow cabinet against a neutral wall and finished off with our Havana tiles can make a real statement. The muted palette of pale grey, white and tonal blue of this tile sets a distinctive backdrop for an eye-catching, colourful piece of furniture.

Pictured above: Havana and Arles

We hope our blog has helped you to think about how to bring colour into your home through the use of tiles. If you’re now feeling inspired to brighten up your interiors spaces, check out our full collection of tiles and let us know how you get on!

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