How to Embrace the Maximalist Trend in the Home

Date: November 26th, 2021 CTD Tiles

After years of minimalism, it’s now the perfect time to take the plunge and decorate your home with lively colour palettes and eye-catching patterns. Maximalism gleefully embraces the idea that “more is more”! Think statement tiles, characterful paintings, bold accents and eye-popping furnishings, each of these additions will create that inviting and inspirational feel across your home.

If maximalism sounds like your thing, then read on as we share everything you need to know about bringing this look into your home.

Take on Statement Tiles

If you’re looking to implement maximalism through tiles, you need to make sure that you are expressing your personality through the colour and shape that you choose. Your guests should walk into your interior and think, ‘wow, this is so you’. One of our favourite ways to go wild with maximalist style is through bright and bold tiles, and we are loving how our Varadero Tiles brighten up rooms with a unique yet modern look.

Statment tiles that brighten up rooms

Pictured clockwise from left: Varadero | Havana

The patterns across the tile surface showcase a cool and contemporary appeal that works particularly well in a bright pastel finish. The Rose Pink and Azure Blue options are perennially popular and work seamlessly within bathrooms, kitchens and even living rooms, transforming the whole look and feel of a space.

We also have a wide range of other colourful patterned tiles that are designed to really give that wow-factor and add depth to any space.

Opt for Furniture That Reflects You

The beauty of maximalism is that it’s all about personalisation and putting your very own stamp on it. It’s so important to pick out designs that you love, even if it’s out of the norm - after all, there really is no rulebook on how you decorate your home!

opt furniture that reflects you

Pictured centre: Havana | Bottom right: Poitiers 

Clockwise from left: Antipodream | Who What Wear | Pinterest 

Don’t be afraid to bring in show stopping furnishings - a beautiful velvet blue sofa works exceptionally to achieve an art déco inspired style. Accessorise with a chunky knit throw, tassled cushions and vintage pieces for a look that is not only balanced but beautifully bold too.

It’s also important to pick out a colour that catches your eye from an existing pattern and incorporate it into different areas of the room – this can be achieved through bigger focal point pieces such as chairs or curtains. If you have hints of blue in your tiles, you can channel this through the rest of the pieces to create a cohesive look.

Striking Accessories

To finalise your maximalist interior, you need to add in elements from your life too and the best way to do this is through accessories and small finishing touches. If you’ve travelled around and picked up collectables from all over the world, why not show them off?

striking accessories that suit floor tiles

Pictured left: Cuban 

From top right: Grillo Designs | Antipodream

You can also bring in colourful cushions and scatter them across a sofa or armchair. If you start small you can build from there, achieving a look that is not only head-turning but perfect for you!

Whether you’re decorating with tiles, accessories or statement furniture, the maximalist look is so easy to achieve. For more ways to decorate your home, check out this blog written by The Design Sheppard on our Inspiration Section, she discusses all the ways you can add personality to your home through wall tiles!

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