Top Tile Trends for 2020

Date: January 29th, 2020 CTD Tiles | Tags: Top tile trends, 3D wall tiles, Big and bold , Geometric floor tiles, Patterned wall and floor tiles, Cuban, Havana, Kingston, Buxy, Polesden, Tiffany

It’s the start of a new decade and the perfect time to give the walls and floors of your home the refreshing interior update that you’ve been longing for. If you’ve been searching far and wide for inspiration on how to update your surfaces then look no further! We’ve compiled a selection of the latest interior design trends that will inspire you to redecorate your home. From soft neutrals to dark and daring shades, here are our predictions for the latest tile trends in 2020.


We’ve noticed a big demand for 3D tiles in recent months. Geometric and angular tiles have become popular, as they add an intriguing sense of movement and contrast within the home that’s hard to replicate with other surfaces. Whether raised or embossed, they’re the perfect choice for a more neutral look as they add interest to spaces without overwhelming the senses.

collage picture of buxy, polesden and tiffany, 3d and sculptural wall tiles

Picture above: Tiffany, Buxy and Polesden

 There are many ways to incorporate this style into the home. If you’re hoping to introduce more subtle textures, we recommend opting for more linear elements for a toned-down way to stay on trend. Or go bold and adorn your walls with a more raised tile - our striking Tiffany collection is the ideal choice for this look. The crisp White finish and muted tonal Grey each add depth and texture that achieves the perfect balance of sculptural style. 

We also recommend sticking to neutral colour palettes to create a subtly sophisticated scheme that allows the texture of the tile to be the hero.


Bigger is better – not only do large format tiles offer an incredibly stylish finish throughout the home but they often result in far fewer grout lines, providing a clean finish.  Larger tiles also work best within smaller spaces – the size of the tile tricks the eye into thinking that the room is much bigger, creating a truly open feeling. 

Pictured above: Kingston

Having said that, not all tiles have to be big to create a daring statement – sometimes opting for a slightly more eccentric tile is the best way of adding character to the home and staying effortlessly on-trend. Our Cuban block tile exudes geometric style with intricate patterns and simple lines, delivering on the wow-factor. This bold tile works beautifully within hallways and will be sure to inspire guests the moment they step through the door. 

Pictured above: Cuban

Another approach to achieving a bold look can be obtained by using contrasting colours. Our Reflections tiles make for the perfect choice if this is the type of look you are hoping to achieve. Whether you’re wanting to create a daring statement throughout or looking to give a subtle edge to the home, the Reflections tile works beautifully when set against a contrasting dark grout – delivering character to any space.  

collage picture of black and white reflections wall tiles

Pictured above: Reflections


Gone are the days of floors fading into the background of a room. Patterned tiles are set to storm through interiors in 2020 and they really do provide an excellent base that’ll allow your personality to shine through from. Whether you’re updating your floors or walls, a patterned tile will complement spaces with a characterful finish. We’ve seen a popular increase in encaustic-inspired ceramic tiles lately – working beautifully across any surface, they bestow character, sophistication and a homely retro feel to modern interiors. 

collage picture of cuban and havana patterned floor tiles

Pictured above: Havana and Cuban

Inspired by traditional Encaustic tiles, our Havana collection in particular embraces playful pattern in a calming colour palette of soft blue, white and grey – it is an ideal choice for those of you looking to incorporate the ultimate in playful pattern in the home. 

Giving your home a tile update is always a daunting task when there are so many different styles and trends to choose from, which is why it is important to take into consideration all the different options that are available. We hope our blog has inspired you to be brave and take the leap with any look for 2020. Let us know how you get on, via our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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