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How to Create a Colourful Bathroom

Date: July 28th, 2020 CTD Tiles | Tags: Colourful tiles, bathroom tiles, colourful bathroom tiles, patterned tiles

Over recent years, neutral colour schemes have dominated bathrooms, with a limited palette of white, cream, beige and grey being used to create clean and simple looking spaces, reminiscent of a luxurious spa environment. However, this is your home - not a hotel. We’re seeing a growing demand for people looking to incorporate colour and pattern into their bathrooms – either through wonderfully bright designs or with more subtle pops – as it’s a fantastic way to reflect personality through interiors.

Here at CTD, we love to include colour and pattern within our tile collections and encourage you to experiment with the different ways that you can bring fun looks into your home. We’ve loved seeing more bathrooms incorporating blue tiles, green tiles, patterned tiles and other colourful tiles within their designs. In this blog post, we discuss how to create a colourful bathroom scheme using tiles, resulting in a beautiful and stylish statement that’s guaranteed to impress.

Choose Your Stand Out Feature

Bathroom setting featuring Contrasti and Dyroy tiles

Pictured: Dyroy and Contrasti

When you picture your dream bathroom, what is your mind’s eye drawn to? Is it a gorgeous freestanding bath? A luxurious walk-in shower? Whatever it is, you should consider using colourful or patterned tiles around that area to create a striking feature backdrop that makes it stand out and draws the eye towards it. Our new Dyroy tiles offer rich and sumptuous shades of aubergine, blue and green for those looking to create an eye-catching feature. Plus, these tiles have a stunning crackle effect finish – ideal for adding a modern and stylish aesthetic to any bathroom.

Select A Colourful Stand Out Tile

Bathroom settings with Contrasti patterned floor tiles

Pictured: Contrasti

Find your dream bathroom tile by doing lots of research, and then choosing one design that you really fall in love with. Maybe you love the look of a particular pattern, bold colour or an interesting shape. This will become your feature tile and can be used to add personality to your floors, walls or inside your shower enclosure. At CTD, we have just launched an exciting new collection – Contrasti – which is the perfect option for a stand out tile. The Contrasti tiles offer beautifully designed patterns in a subtle colour palette of white, teal, light and dark grey, for a look that is bold but understated. Each features swirling decorative motifs that are perfect for creating an eye-catching contrast throughout the bathroom.

Choose An Accent Colour Tile

Collage of Havana and Poitiers tiles

Pictured: Poitiers and Havana

When you’ve decided which tile you’ll be using as your stand out feature tile, you can then think about your accent tiles – these will be just one or two other tiles to complement your feature tile. Be careful that your accent tile does indeed work well alongside your stand out tile – multiple patterns or colours can sometimes create too many focal points and won’t work well within one space. You may decide that just a neutral accent tile works to showcase your coloured or pattern feature tile in all its glory.

Decide on a Colour for Your Floor Tiles

Cuban, Treverkever and Aspenwood floor tiles

Pictured: Treverkever, Aspenwood and Cuban

If you’ve already selected your main feature within the bathroom, then you might prefer to keep your floor tiles neutral so that they act merely as a backdrop. In this case, wood-effect tiles might be what you’re after. However, if you’ve chosen a more subtle design on the walls, or if you want to create a really striking and unique bathroom space, then you might also want to get creative with your floor tiles. For a bold look, choose a bright colour or a distinctive pattern that is guaranteed to give the wow factor.

Be Adventurous with Your Tile Layout

Collage of Crackle and Reflections coloured tiles in various layouts

Pictured: Crackle and Reflections

When it comes to laying your tiles, there are so many different options and variations. Even with a simple metro or rectangular tile, you can mix up the way you lay them for a more visually interesting effect. In doing so, you automatically create your own pattern of sorts! This means you might choose just one colour, but you can still make it look exciting and unique. In addition, you can create the optical illusion of more space by being clever with the way you lay them.

We hope our blog post has helped you to consider the different ways you can bring colour into your bathroom through tiles, and how you go about choosing the perfect colour palette for your home. Let us know how you get on!

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