Bold and Understated Bathroom Tile Ideas

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We all spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, which is why it’s important to create a place that looks great! Whether you’re decorating a small or large space, you can achieve a look that is perfect for you whilst ensuring that you are keeping up with the latest trends. To help inspire your next bathroom transformation, we’ve pulled together our top tips for the perfect bathing space – from bathroom tiles to the finishing touches!

Different Size Bathroom Tiles

Reflections, Marmori, Cliveden bathroom wall and floor tiles

Pictured: Reflections, Cliveden & Marmori

Of course, there’s no rulebook regarding the size of tiles you should incorporate into your bathroom. When it comes to small spaces, we often tend to opt for small bathroom tiles as they fit perfectly into place and don’t require much cutting down. However that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a large format design too - these big and bold tiles can actually be the better option for smaller spaces as they make the room appear larger whilst creating a truly deluxe look throughout.

Our luxuriously large Marmori tiles make for the perfect bold finish. The exquisite markings and veinings complement bathroom interiors of all styles and sizes, promising a harmonious look throughout. Pair with focal-point accessories, hanging lighting, contemporary colour palettes and a statement free standing bath for a luxurious finish that will last for years to come.

Use Colourful Bathroom Tiles

Crackle and Poitiers wall tiles

Pictured: Crackle & Poitiers

Don’t be shy with colour either - bathrooms don’t have to be the most boring room in the house. If it’s colourful tiles you want to introduce into bathrooms, then our Crackle collection is the perfect option for you! Choose from the deep tones of Emerald Green to the subtle hues of Smokey Blue for an effortless finish that adds interest and elegance.

For a similar effect, our Poitiers tiles are designed to make a stylish yet timeless statement. The colourful hues combine exceptionally with traditional influences to create a timeless design scheme that transitions beautifully across every wall of the bathroom.

Buxy textured bathroom wall tiles

Pictured: Buxy

If you opt for a neutral design, you can pair this with a beautifully bright basin to add that stand out focal point you’re looking for. Our Buxy tiles work exceptionally well with a striking pink basin and fresh greenery for a modern aesthetic that is also bursting with bold colour.

Neutral and Wood-Effect Bathroom Tiles

Wood effect Aspenwood wall and floor tiles

Pictured: Aspenwood

For those wanting to keep it simple yet stylish, natural and wood-effect tiles are the way to go! The options are virtually endless when it comes to designing a room with warm and welcoming colours. The subtle hues act as a beautiful backdrop for statement freestanding baths and focal-point basins or brassware.

A great way to add understated interest into a neutral scheme is through the use of texture or structured tiles. Wood-effect bathroom tiles provide a tactile surface to help create warmth without sacrificing style. Our striking Aspenwood tiles work beautifully across both walls and floors – adding a natural aesthetic that is both eye-catching and effortlessly on-trend.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog on how to achieve the perfect bold or understated bathroom scheme. With so many different ways to be experimental with design, you have the option to be playful with style, or subtle and understated – let us know how you get on!

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