Trend Predictions: The Latest Colour Trends

Date: December 23th, 2022 CTD Tiles

Creating a beautiful colour scheme in the home is the best way to uplift interiors, and with some exciting colour trends on the horizon, it's a great time to get creative and inject some vibrancy into the home.

Hues of Blue

Blue Tiles Inspiration
Left: Nador Sky Gloss Tile | Right: Nicola Harding

Blue will be big in 2023, people are spreading this delightful cool colour across their homes to give a sense of peace and calm. With colour drenched blue kitchens, and soft blue living spaces, we are seeing shades ranging from deep navy to pastel turquoise. To try out this tranquility-inducing colour in the kitchen, go for some beautiful baby blue tiles. Our Nador Sky Gloss Tile not only offers a creamy blue tone but also has a rustic undulated texture and glossy finish, to fill the room with charm.

Deep Red

Red Tiles Inspiration
Left: Titan Ruby Tile | Right: Beata Heuman

Nothing has quite an impact that a bold shade of red. More people are choosing to be daring by adding a pop of red to the home. Powder rooms are a great space to try this trend, and create a bold statement. Cover the walls from floor to ceiling in red tiles for a wow-factor effect or apply to a feature wall. The Titan Ruby Tile is brilliantly bold, with shade variation to give a sense of depth and drama.

Mysterious Purple

Purple Tiles Inspiration
Left: Dyroy Aubergine Tile | Right: Victoria Gold Photography

Purple has really taken off in recent years, it's a colour which can be introduced to any room in the house. This unusual colour is certain to uplift the space thanks to its alluring calming qualities. For a unique effect, the Dyroy Aubergine Tile offers a splash of tonal colour to the wall, with shade variation from deep plum to soft lilac, these tiles give a charming aesthetic to kitchens and bathrooms.

We hope this blog has put you in a colourfully creative mood, and tempted you to try out a new shade within the home! For a huge selection of colourful tiles, from pretty pastels to bold and bright hues, check out our full range here.

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