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Textured Tiles for the Home

Textured Tiles for the Home

Date: March 2nd, 2018 CTD Tiles

From tactile waves to stylish 3D split-face décors, our latest collections will help you to transform the simplest of spaces into modern schemes that celebrate textured, rustic style in the home. Explore the ranges below to discover how easily you can bring a touch of texture into your home with our selection of wall and floor tiles.


Collage picture of Rock textured wall tiles

The Rock tile collection celebrates more industrial finishes and how these unique tile surfaces can provide urban beauty within the home. With two colour options to choose from, opt for Grey, inspired by trendy concrete surfaces or select the softer Beige colourway to reflect the rich texture of natural stone. 

Each colour offers three individual designs, the first displays simple texture across both the square and rectangular version of the tile for a look that combines industrial influences with elegance. Alongside the multi-functional plain tiles are two décor designs for introducing an element of pattern and texture.

From serene waves to intricate geometric shapes, these patterned tiles create intrigue and movement when applied to the walls of your home. Transform the interior of your kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom into a contemporary retreat of urban style by either embracing one finish or combining a couple of the designs from the Rock collection.


Collage picture of Tiffany split face wall tiles

The Tiffany collection embraces industrial trends within interiors with three unique designs that evoke the organic surface of stone. The overall effect of the range is reminiscent of exposed brickwork, with each tile displaying built-up layers that combine to create a highly textured stone effect. The surface is designed to reflect stone in its natural state with an unpolished finish and varying flecks of colour that embrace the rustic appearance of the material when sourced directly from nature.

The range offers three colours to choose from, crisp chalky White, the muted mid-tones of the Grey tile and the dramatic Dark design. Each individual tile has a depth of texture in the finish that achieves the perfect balance of industrial chic. The White colourway reveals contrasting veining in a deep grey whilst the Dark design explores the reverse effect and the Grey blends together subtle shades of light to dark grey. 

The Tiffany collection is perfect for creating a rustic statement wall in any room of the house, promising the character and texture of natural stone with the practical ease of tiling.


Collage picture of Inwood wood effect split face textured wall tiles

Inwood is the latest collection from GEMINI’s range of unique wood-effect finishes designed with the modern home in mind. With the rise in popularity for plywood and more rustic, reclaimed wood finishes influencing the trends, Inwood explores industrial textures that celebrate the natural character of wood. 

Each tile within the Inwood collection is created with a 3D surface for an authentic look and tactile quality that softens the more industrial influences. The two colour options available in the range are perfect for providing a minimal Scandinavian setting or warm and inviting bohemian scheme. Choose between the soft neutral tones of the Beige tile or subtle variations within the Black tile to complete your desired décor style. Designed to be layered to form a wood-effect wall, Inwood creates the ultimate statement in the home by combining detailed texture with a contemporary composition.


Picture of Stix textured wall tiles

Exploring subtle textures and surface details for a truly modern aesthetic, the Stix range reveals two differing designs with a stone-effect plain tile with tonal variations in colour and a 3D tile design featuring thin horizontal lines repeated across the surface. Both designs celebrate texture with a pared back colour palette allowing the focus on the unique qualities of each tile.

The colour scheme embraces on-trend monochrome tones, with the option of either the soft White tile or more dramatic Black design. Opt for white to achieve a clean Scandi style or take inspiration from the dark and decadent trend proving ever popular with the bold Black tile. The Stix range is available in two practical sizes to suit any setting in your home; the rectangular format tiles are perfect for creating a wall feature where you can mix and match the styles, whilst the square tile provides an easy-to-maintain surface ideal for flooring.

Whether you choose the calming light tile option or decide to introduce a hint of dark drama, the Stix collection promises a chic and contemporary update to your interior.


Picture of Quarz textured wall tiles

With trends looking towards stone and wood effect tiles as a way of embracing the natural beauty of the finishes, as well as all the benefits that tiles provide for hectic modern lifestyles, Quarz is the ideal textured tile collection. The designs are kept simple in neutral colour palettes that accentuate the subtle stone textures across the surface. 

From the classic stone-effect finish in two size options to the Decor design with a soft wave of pattern against the mottled background, texture is key for each tile within the range. The pale Light Grey and richer dark Grey colourways celebrate traditional stone finishes whilst the Sand and Mink options introduce warmth and earthiness. 

Ideal for use in either the kitchen or bathroom, Quarz can be applied to the walls and floors of the bathroom for a cohesive design scheme, or used to create an industrial inspired splashback in the kitchen. With practical features that ensure the tile collection can be maintained with ease, Quarz captures the elegance of natural stone with three versatile designs that promise a subtle statement.


Picture of Marbles textured wall tiles

Our GEMINI Marbles range explores the unique and beautiful texture of classic marble surfaces. Promising a look of effortless elegance, the Marbles tile collection is the perfect alternative to natural stone, providing an affordable and realistic interpretation of the original material. With three tonal variations in a neutral palette forming the colour scheme of the collection, options include Versus Warm Grey, which captures the ever-popular combination of white and grey, as well as Versus Cream with a dusky rose undertone and the soft ivory shades of the Celebration Cream design. 

Available in two sizes that promise to showcase the natural display of texture across either walls or floors, the Marbles range also reveals a contemporary patterned option in the smaller size, with linear waves weaving across the surface for a tactile, 3D tile effect. Ideal for introducing the allure of marble to almost any room of the home, the Marbles collection captures the characteristic texture and sophistication of marble with easy care capabilities that ensure it will blend effortlessly into the busiest of modern lifestyles.

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