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Metro Brick Tiles

Metro Brick Tiles

Date: May 28th, 2019 CTD Tiles
Metro Brick Tiles

Arles Metro Tiles

Metro brick tiles have been a firm favourite in kitchens and bathrooms for years and years. During any trip to London you’re likely to have travelled on the Underground at some point or, further afield, you might have visited the New York Subway or Paris Metro. There is one common factor that links all three together (bar the trains!) which is the iconic metro tile.

Originating from the early 20th century when underground transport was just starting out, the metro was first developed out of practicality before finally becoming a style icon. Since its origins, the metro brick tile has now become a desirable choice for interiors within the home – and comes in a huge range of sizes, finishes and colours.

Soft Cream Metro Tiles  Poitiers Metro Brick Tiles

So, why is the metro one of the most popular tile designs for today’s discerning homeowner? It’s largely down to its versatility and multiple uses throughout the home. Simple to lay in a variety of different metro brick tile patterns, easy to maintain and appropriate for a number of different rooms, it’s a fantastic choice to create a contemporary, stylish finish.

In addition, there are so many opportunities to play around with metro brick tiles to achieve a distinctive, unique and fun look without needing to be too bold or over-the-top. Yes, you could go ahead and cover an entire statement wall, but you can also create a cool half-wall or incorporate a simple splashback into your scheme.

Monochrome Metro Brick Tiles

And although the metro is always a classic when laid in a simple brick format, it can also be used in a number of fun ways to create a more affordable home update. Used with either complementary or contrasting coloured grout, you’d be hard pressed to choose a simpler and more cost effective tile for your home renovations. Whatever your style choice, metro tiles are the way to go!

Here at Gemini Tiles, we offer a huge range of metro brick tiles to suit every shape and style of home. Whether you’re looking for something neutral, something colourful, a modern or traditional tile range, there’s no need to look any further than Gemini Tiles – and we’ve even just released new metro brick tiles for 2019.

Arles Metro Brick Tiles

Our new Arles collection offers a gorgeous range of patterned wall tiles that are guaranteed to make an impact in your interior space. Suitable for the bathroom and kitchen alike, these tiles are available in white, green, blue, silver, grey, cream and blue – meaning that the options are endless when it comes to decorating! Delicately patterned and lightly textured, the Arles range also comes in a mixed box with twelve décor options available. The combination of these tiles will create an individual look within your home that is at once simple and stunning.

Crackle Effect Metro Tiles

Our Crackle bathroom tiles offer a whole new contemporary look, with a deliberately designed effect that makes the surface of the tile appear as if it had once been finished with a smooth glaze, but has now cracked with age – as the Japanese would say, they are ‘wabi-sabi’ (‘beauty in imperfection’). Our range of Crackle tiles is available in White, Bone, Smokey Blue, Ocean Blue, and Emerald Green – perfectly suited to a traditional bathroom scheme.

Gloss Metro Brick Tiles

Our range of Poitiers bathroom tiles makes a fantastic base for creating a stunning contrast scheme in your bathroom. A nod to the classic metro tile in on-trend colours, Poitiers’ mix of colours allows you to create your own personal scheme, and you can be as conservative or bold as you like! Colours in this range include white, mocha, taupe, azure blue, pearl bone, light grey, rose pink and mint green – so the sky really is the limit when it comes to imagining your perfect bathroom set up.

We hope our blog has helped you to realise that there is so much more to metro tiles than just gloss white brick lay. Those are great, and serve a purpose, in their own right – but let the Gemini metro tiles take your bathroom design scheme to new levels! Click here to find out more.

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