How To Add Interest To Your Interiors Using Wall and Floor Tiles

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Porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles have been used throughout the centuries to decorate homes and have developed to be durable and practical as well as able to withstand cleaning, moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations. As designs have evolved, interior tiles have also become more decorative and interesting, creating endless possibilities for statement walls and floors, and for decorating your home.

Gemini patterned tiles collage

One key way to liven up any interior space is to use tiles that have a design of special interest – they’re not just a block colour, but have textures, variations, colours and patterns. At CTD, we offer a range of beautiful GEMINI tiles to brighten up every size, shape and style of home. From bold patterns and bright colours, to shimmering reflections and tactile textures, there is something to suit every homeowner within our expansive collection.

Patterned Tiles

Kingston Patterned Tiles by Gemini

With the luxurious and elegant appeal of marble continuing to be a popular surface choice, our marble-effect Kingston collection is the ideal option if you’re looking to introduce pattern with a sleek and high-end look. With subtle tone and texture variations, Kingston offers a contemporary look, transforming living spaces with effortless style. Choose from White and Graphite smooth marble-effect tile designs or textured matt surfaces that deliver a characterful twist to contemporary spaces. Suitable for use across bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and living rooms, you can mix and match colours and styles with ease for a unique and cohesive finish in your home.

Arles Patterned Tiles by Gemini

Embracing the trend for incorporating pattern into the home, our Arles gloss tile collection is guaranteed to make an impact. Available in plain colours Sea Blue, Forest Green, Snow White and Silver, or as a collection of 12 Décor tiles, the muted palette and subtle geometric patterns will bring interest and character to your kitchen, bathroom or living area. The mixture of Décor patterns gives you the option to create a unique and dramatic look but in a subtle timeless palette which will stand the test of time.

Crackle Patterned Tiles by Gemini

For a subtle, delicate crackle-effect finish, our new Crackle collection comes in six understated colours to add a cool and contemporary finish to your interior scheme. The delicate crackle-effect finish works beautifully in a herringbone, brick-bond or classic linear design and can be used within en-suites, bathrooms and kitchens providing an effortless look to modern interiors. For a truly arresting focal point, consider tiling in vertical or herringbone format to create visual interest within your kitchen or cloakroom. Combine with dark wooden surfaces, smooth gold brassware and contemporary accessories for a scheme that boasts the utmost in contemporary style.

Textured Tiles

Our extensive collection includes textured tiles to suit any manner of interior scheme. Inspired by the latest trends exploring a creative approach to tiling, influences are taken from architecture and industrial plaster or concrete finishes to provide tactile designs for both walls and floors.

Polesden Textured Tiles by Gemini

Create a bright interior with our Polesden wall tiles. This light, bright 3D décor tile adds interest to any kitchen or bathroom setting, with its textured raised surface. Featuring a ridged finish, this tile can be paired with a cream tile or an alternative concept décor tile for added interest.

Cliveden Textured Tiles by Gemini

Our contemporary Cliveden collection also offers a textured surface, creating special interest on the wall surfaces of your kitchen or bathroom. With a 3D hexagonal pattern, you can showcase this decorative honeycomb effect tile alongside the coordinating plain Cliveden tiles for a modern, textured look in your design scheme.

Barrington Textured Tiles by Gemini

For a more dramatic, darker look, try our Barrington Art Graphite tile. Featuring a glazed ceramic finish with raised squares, the tiles can be used within kitchens and bathrooms and are perfectly paired with the Graphite floor tile for added drama. For an even more intricate effect, try the Barrington Concept Graphite Tile. Featuring miniature triangles set in a pattern, these 3D tiles are sure to impress guests and create a beautiful, bespoke finish.

Colourful Tiles

As the latest interior trends encourage a more confident approach to colour in the home, our extensive collection of GEMINI tiles includes a wide variety of options for creative colour use, from rustic shades of terracotta tones, to classic square tiles in vibrant shades that promise to brighten any interior. For those a little cautious, pale pastels are perfect for embracing colour in a subtle way, with blush pinks, mints and lilacs leading the trends. As pastels continue to grow in popularity, bold bright hues are being introduced for the colour confident to create a statement and bring any scheme to life.

Reflections Coloured Tiles by Gemini

To showcase your unique sense of style, bring Miami design philosophy into your home with our bright, colourful Reflections range. Inspired by the grandeur of South Beach and the mismatched art deco tiles, this playful range is perfect for creating Art Deco Miami-chic. Available in pastel shades to complete the look, colours can be isolated for impact or mixed together to create bold graphic patterns. The collection offers an array of stunning coloured tiles including bright accent colour options, as well as classic neutrals and moody dark tones.

For the antithesis of this style, try using Reflections in Monochrome for a ‘colourless’ colour scheme. From sleek to chic, from rustic to retro, monochrome is a timeless trend that works cohesively as a colour scheme within every type of interior. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement, or simply create a subtle edge, our Reflections range in black and white works beautifully to provide a contrasting backdrop across all areas of the home.

Poitiers Coloured Tiles by Gemini

Back to vibrant colour again, and our gorgeous Poitiers collection features a refined, rustic finish with delicate textures that catch the light across the tile’s surface for a subtle style statement. With its handcrafted look, this collection achieves the characteristic shine of a traditional glazed tile, with practical benefits from the ceramic surface that ensure it is the perfect partner to any living space.

With a fresh colour palette, the neutral tones of White, Pearl Bone and Taupe are featured alongside colour combinations inspired by the latest trends. From the sought-after, dusky hue of Rose Pink, to rich Azure Blue and truly tranquil Mint Green, this collection is designed to introduce colour into your home and will make a stunning statement either on its own or paired with other colours from the collection.

There are a wide variety of ways to create special interest within your interior design scheme using tiles on your walls and floors, from colours and patterns to tactile textures. View our full collection below:

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