Wall Tiles Inspiration
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Wall Tiles Inspiration and Ideas

Discover everything you need to know about tiling your walls!

Keep up to date with everything you need to know when it comes to your wall tiles. Take in all the latest trends and product ranges to find your dream wall tile. 

Statement Wood-effect Wall Tile Ideas

Thinking about introducing wood-effect tiles into your home? Well why not! Warm and textured, they offer character and depth to the vertical surfaces of your home .

How to Create a Feature Wall with Tiles

Your bathroom and kitchen should benefit from the same design techniques used in other rooms in the home, including the feature wall. We are here to say, your walls shouldn’t be boring.

How to Install Wall Tiles – A Step-by-Step Guide To Wall Tiling

Taking on a tiling project can often feel daunting to begin with - however laying your own tiles can certainly save a lot of money, and it’s definitely a job that anyone can take on. 

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Wall Tiles

Looking to start a wall tile installation? We’ve highlighted all of the most common tiling mistakes so you can avoid them!

10 Ways to use Wall Tiles to add Personality with Colour, Shape and Pattern

For a long time, kitchens and bathrooms were functional and practical spaces that weren’t designed to reflect the personality of the people whose homes they were in. They were neutral spaces, usually white, cream, beige or grey, or any other shade on the monochrome scale.

Creative Ways to Use Wall Tiles in the Home

Few features in the home have the power to give you the impact and personality that a tiled wall can. So let’s look at some of the creative ways you can use wall tiles around your home.

5 Top Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in the home, and where we can really get creative with design. For inspiration and ideas on how to use wall tiles in these spaces, read our blog!

Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger With Wall Tiles

Learn everything you need to know about creating more space in the home with wall tiles.

3 of the Best Shower Wall Tile Ideas

From luxurious marble to playful patterns, these shower wall tile ideas will help you turn your washroom into the ultimate inspirational space.

Top Wall Tile Trends for 2022

From bold colour combinations to different finishes and formations, there are so many trends to consider when it comes to wall tiles. Read our latest blog to find out our predicted wall tile trends for 2022.

Cloakroom Wall Tile Ideas

Small spaces can be inspirational too! Get creative with your wall tiles in your cloakroom with help from our favourite style ideas.

3 of the Best Metro Wall Tile Looks

Looking to decorate your home with metro tile patterns? Whether you’re designing your bathroom, kitchen or living room, find all the inspiration you need with our favourite metro wall tile ideas.

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