Introducing Patterned Tiles to Your Home

Date: January 24th, 2019 CTD Tiles | Tags: patterned tiles, patterned wall tiles, geometric tiles

When it comes to our home décor, it seems that we are continually growing in confidence when choosing which patterns and colours to go for. Gone are the days when everything had to be white or neutral, now is the time to be more adventurous with your choices. There’s no denying that the increasing popularity of patterned and encaustic tiles has taken the interior world by storm so we have pulled together a selection of our most popular patterned tile collections to give you some ideas on how to bring some personality and character into your home. 

Patterned Tiles in the Hallway

Inspired by traditional encaustic tiles, the Cuban and Havana collections celebrate intricate geometric shapes in a subtle colour palette that is perfect for the modern home. Traditionally used to decorate the entrance of Victorian homes, these geometric and ornate tiles have been updated with contemporary influence to suit a range of purposes and design schemes. 

Collage picture of Havana patterned hallway tiles

The Havana collection offers encaustic-inspired tiles in a fresh colour palette that celebrates pattern in the modern home. Each of the four patterns is designed to add playful character to your interior scheme. The blue tones of Havana Herald help to create a bright Scandinavian-inspired hallway when paired with white walls and natural wood furniture. 

Collage picture of Cuban patterned hallway tiles

The Cuban collection features four distinctive tiles including the Star, Block and Ornate designs, which can be used individually to adorn the floors of your hallway. The bold monochrome palette of Cuban Black Block (pictured) makes an impactful entrance with the additional flair of a three-dimensional illusion pattern. 

Patterned Tiles in the Bathroom

Bring pattern into a third dimension with our collection of décor tiles with surface depth and shape. Taking inspiration from both geometric and organic forms, these tiles are perfect for creating sophisticated feature walls and adding interest to your room. When light is cast over the tiles the highlights and shadows amplify the surface pattern to impressive effect.

Collage picture of Polesden 3D patterned bathroom tiles

The square shapes of the Polesden Art White tiles create beautiful and distinctive lines complemented by the simplicity of their crisp white colour. The geometric forms are brought into sharp contrast as light is cast cross the tiles, making this tile perfect for areas with natural light or spotlights.

Collage picture of Buxy 3D patterned bathroom tiles

The textured tiles of the Buxy collection are a hive of hexagons, with subtle variations in colour and a three-dimensional finish that reveals a tactile surface quality. With an understated aesthetic reminiscent of natural stone, the patterned Antracita Hexagon tile can be paired with contrasting furniture and colourful accessories for additional impact.

Patterned Tiles in the Kitchen

Collage picture of Arles patterned kitchen tiles

Why limit yourself to just one pattern when you can have twelve? The Arles collection boasts mixed décor tiles in three colours for a patchwork look which showcases a range of subtle decorative designs. Pair with the plain coloured tiles from the collection to create zoned areas of pattern, or organise at an angle for a unique splashback feature!

Collage picture of Rock 3D patterned kitchen tiles

The Rock collection offers two décor options that feature a distinctive, three-dimensional surface pattern. From the intricate geometric shapes of the Art design to the rhythmic waves of the Concept tile, the patterned options reflect modern architectural materials, which when introduced to interiors, create visual intrigue and a sense of movement on the walls of your home.

Patterned Tiles in Living Areas

Another attractive feature for using patterned tiles is the opportunity for zoning spaces within the home. Using floor tiles to differentiate between spaces is a fantastic way to mark out boundaries. The options are endless when it comes to designing your zoning areas – use patterned floor tiles to draw the eye to a key feature in the room, or different shades of tiles to create the illusion of more space.

Collage picture of Havana patterned living area tiles

A practical and stylish option for living areas throughout your home, the patterns of Havana create instant intrigue to your lounge and are incredibly easy to maintain. Opt for the White Flower design for a subtle floral feature and pair with Bayamo White around the corners to draw attention to the centre of the room. Embrace colour confidence with clashing patterns and pops of vivid colour, such as the vibrant yellow seen here.

Collage picture of Cuban patterned living area tiles

Embracing pared-back neutral tones of white and silver grey, the monochrome palette of Cuban Silver Sky provides the ideal background to explore your unique sense of style. Opt for rustic French furniture to introduce character and add plenty of plants for a welcome sense of calm.

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