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Trend Alert: Quiet Luxury

Date: June 1st, 2023 CTD Tiles
Trend alert: Quiet luxury

Once again, a trend that first started in fashion has made its way into interiors. The quiet luxury trend emphasises an understated elegance with a pared-back palette and high-quality materials. Appealing to those with a love for all things minimal, this style creates a calm and serene space that reflects a sense of sophistication.

Here at CTD Tiles, we supply an abundance of tiles that encourage the introduction of this latest interior trend, helping you transform your home into a tranquil haven of relaxtion.

Treverkever Sand, Treverkever Natural and Sherwood Oak from CTD
Image Credits - Top Left: Treverkever Sand | Top Right: Treverkever Natural | Bottom Left: Robert Brown Interior Design, Emily J Followill | Bottom Right: Sherwood Oak

In the living room

A space for both entertaining and relaxation, the integration of a neutral colour palette with organic accents brings a restful atmopshere into the living room. If you want to transform your space into something calming and sophisticated, then prioritise authenticity and sustainability by investing in high-quality pieces that will last.

The nurturing qualities of nature are important with this trend, so choosing wood-effect floor tiles are an effective way to introduce these organic elements that provide a sense of cosiness and luxury for years to come. To complement the grain effects from the wood, incorporate some bursts of texture throughout the room and pack plenty of pretty foliage into the space for a chic and organic look.

Sherwood Oak from CTD
Image Credits - Top Left: Sherwood Oak | Top Right: | Bottom:

In the bathroom

A more than suited style to introduce to your bathroom, the usually relaxing atmosphere that a bathroom provides is enhanced by the gentle tones and serene décor that the quiet luxury trend provides. Embracing this trend is easy in this space, as it allows the room to become more than just for functional uses and instead transforms the room into a retreat where you can unwind after a stressful day.

From wall to floor bathroom tiles, here at CTD Tiles we have a range of colours and textured finishes that help you flawlessly achieve this trend. The calming colours of the Nature Bone tile collection fit perfectly amongst a quiet luxury interior; paired with sleek metallic accents and pops of extra texture allows the room to flow together creating the epitome of relaxation.

Cement Tech Mini and Nature Bone from CTD
Image Credits - Top Left: Cement Tech Mini | Top Right: | Bottom: Nature Bone

In the kitchen

Incorporating subtle, warm tones around the home is a perfect way to transform your interior to suit this trend. A room that benefits from calming tones and a serene set up is the kitchen; no more stressing about what to make guests for dinner, no fuss allowed with the trend of quiet luxury!

The Knole Concept White Tile supplies the perfect balance of both texture and a sense of chic to the space; an uneven finish invites a subtle depth to your walls and is a perfect choice for the quiet luxury look. For those who want to achieve a sleek splashback appeal, then opt for the Poitiers White Gloss Tiles to introduce an elegant atmosphere. Pair these two tiles delicately with a mix of wooden and organic accents for a space that has now been transformed into a serene haven.

Poitiers White Gloss and Knole Concept White from CTD
Image Credits - Top Left: Rosti | Bottom Left: IKEA | Top Centre: | Top Right: Poitiers White Gloss | Bottom Right: Knole Concept White
Nature Bone from CTD
Image Credits - Left: Quarz | Centre: | Right: Polesden

Inviting simplicity and warmth into the home, the quiet luxury trend pairs nuturing qualities with a neutral scheme for a homely yet impactful look. Here at CTD Tiles we offer an impressive collection of tiles that are perfect for introducing this trend into your home and embracing the essence of quiet luxury - displaying a mix of high-quality materials and style that provide a sense of opulence for years to come.

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