Shower Wall Panels

Stylish and versatile wall panelling system to complement your bathroom tiles

Showerwall bathroom wall panels

Available to order from CTD tile showrooms nationwide

If you’re looking for durable, easy to fit bathroom wall panelling to accompany your new bathroom tiles, the Showerwall range of waterproof shower panels could be for you.

Available in a wide variety of designs, colours, finishes and sizes to suit every bathroom, Showerwall has a moisture resistant MDF core and a high-pressure laminate backing offering a seamless, watertight finish that’s hard-wearing, stain resistant and totally hygienic. Ideal for use as wet room wall panels and bathroom splashback panels, Showerwall comes with the piece of mind of a 15 year guarantee when you register your product after installation.

Benefits of using Showerwall panels

  • Ideal accompaniment to tiles
  • Seamless walls
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof finish
  • Wide choice of designs
  • 15 Year Guarantee

Find your nearest CTD shower panel stockist

Ready to discover more? We’re here to help!

Pop into your local CTD tile showroom where you can view the full collection of Showerwall panels, pick up a brochure, collect free samples and discover the perfect tiles to accompany your wall panels. We’re here to help you find your ideal bathroom design, so feel free to chat to a member of our team for information and advice.

View the Showerwall Gallery

With over 80 designs to chooose from!

Browse through a selection of Showerwall designs below to find your ideal waterproof wall panels for bathrooms and shower rooms. From colourful acrylic shower panels to marble and stone effects, there are plenty of options available. For a truly bespoke design solution, you can even have your shower wall panels made in your own chosen theme - ask our team in-store for more information.

Acrylic Collection


Custom Collection

Scallop Blush
Black Geo
Geo Cube
Emerald Subway
Navy Herringbone
Scallop Blue
Victorian Turquoise
Vintage Birds
Wax Leaf

Marble Collection

Grey Volterra Gloss
Shell Marble
Grigio Marble
Phantom Marble
Apollo Marble
Zamora Marble
Lightning Marble
Ocean Marble
Bianco Carrara
Athena Marble
Carrara Marble
Cappuccino Marble

Mineral Collection

Positano Blue Terrazzo
Urban Gloss
Positano Grey Terrazzo
Bianco Stardust
Black Galaxy
Aqua Ice
White Galaxy
White Sparkle
Pearlescent White

Quarry Collection

Gold Slate Gloss
Blue Toned Stone
Nautical Wood
Urban Concrete
Linear White
Washed Charcoal
Moon Dust
Slate Grey
Travertine Stone
Silver Slate Gloss
Cracked Grey
White Charcoal

Pair your Showerwall panels with tiles for the ideal combination

Complete the look and create that all important Wow factor!

There is plenty of choice when it comes to designing your bathroom or shower room, so we have given a few helpful tips below as a guide. Call into your local CTD tile showroom for even more advice and view samples of Showerwall panels and tiles side by side.

If you’re considering making a bold feature of your shower wall panels, opt for plain tiles throughout therest of your bathroom or wet room.

Wood effect floor tiles are a perfect accompaniment to patterned or marble effect shower panels, bringing the beauty of the natural world into your interior.

If stone effect panelling is the look for you, we have an inspirational range of natural stone effect tiles to complement your Showerwall panels.

You might be considering going for a beautifully simple shower wall panel in a neutral tone. Pair with patterned floor tiles for an eyecatching finish.

Guide To Installing Showerwall

Discover how to fit shower wall panels in our helpful video guide

Showerwall can be fitted by anyone who is DIY competent. Simply cut the Showerwall panels to size and fix them to the wall or over existing tiles. Please ensure that you have a copy of the Showerwall HPL Installation Guide to hand during the fitting process to refer to at every stage.

Step by step guide to Showerwall installation

Showerwall’s HPL panels are surfaced in high pressure decorative laminate which offers high performance and durability. Installation is made easy with Showerwall’s unique Proclick technology which locks the panels together with no trims required.

The video shows standard installation of HPL panels over a bath. If you have specifics about fitting this in your bathroom, please call or ask in-store – we would be happy to help.

Tools Required
  • Tape Measure

  • 1200mm Spirit Level

  • Utility Knife

  • Masking Tape

  • Pencil or Marker

  • Hacksaw

  • Mitre Block

  • Drill

  • Handsaw or Jigsaw or Circular Saw

  • Sealant Gun

  • Suction cups and ear protection are also recommended

  • Ensure panels are stored flat prior to fitting*

  1. Preparation

    The wall panels can be fixed to an existing wall or directly over tiles providing the surface is flat and plumb. It is also essential that the walls are free from dust and grease. Clean down any surfaces and wait until completely dry. If the walls are not flat, then treated battens must be used to install the panels.

  2. Measure and fit your Sureseal Strips

    First, ensure walls and bath are level. Then measure around the length and width of the bath for the Sureseal strips to be fitted. Showerwall’s Sureseal is a three-part system and provides a watertight finish at the base of the panel. It consists of a PVC strip and Showerwall sealant. Using the mitre box provided from the Showerwall installation kit, insert the Sureseal strip, complete with face cap and cut the required 45 degree internal corner angle. Notch both ends to accommodate the internal corner with a hacksaw. Check the mitre cuts and notches match up and mark with a pencil as a guide. Apply Showerwall sealant into the underside channel of the Sureseal strip, making sure the cavity is totally filled. Lay a straight line of Showerwall sealant on the bath or shower tray and on the mitred joint to fuse together and nail to the wall.

  3. Cutting shower wall panels

    Panel 1: Showerwall panels will often require cutting before installation so ensure the cutting line is measured and marked before any alterations. Measure the height required and cut the panel to fit, a 3mm gap is left at the top edge of the panel and around any cut outs. Any holes for pipes or showerheads should also be made at this point. Remove the protective film from the panel and cut with the décor side up to avoid chipping, you can do this using a handsaw, jigsaw or circular saw. Fix the corner trim to the wall using Showerwall adhesive and ensure this is level. Measure the width of the wall allowing for a 15mm gap for the corner trim, then cut accordingly. Fit the endcap to the panel using sealant

  1. Fitting your first shower wall panel

    Panel 1: Apply sealant to the Sureseal strip and corner trim. Apply 6mm lines of adhesive to the walls, evenly spaced in waves or zig-zag patterns. Place the bottom edge of the panel so that it’s sitting on the sealant of the Sureseal strip. Then position the first panel into the corner trim.

  2. Continue fitting your Showerwall panels

    Panel 2: Cut the panel, removing the tongue edge to fit into the corner trim. Then cut the panel to the required height. Repeat step 4 – adding sealant to the Sureseal strip and corner, and adhesive to the walls. Use suction cups to help position your panel in place and guide neatly into the corner trim.

    Panel 3: Measure from the edge of panel 2 to the wall remember to remove 15mm to allocate space for the corner trim. Make sure that the measurement is taken from the panel edge and not the tongue profile. Cut the panel to fit, then fix the corner trim to the cut panel edge using sealant. Then add a small bead of sealant to the tongue edge and place into the groove edge of panel 2 at an angle. From here you will be able to pivot the panel towards the wall and fix. Wipe away any excess sealant.

    Panel 4: Cut your final panel to size and attach the endcap with sealant. Repeat step 4 and place the panel into the corner trim before pressing firmly and fixing to the wall

  3. Sealing and Setting

    Finally, you will need to seal the expansion gap at the ceiling edge to ensure its water-tight and leave for 24 hours for the sealant and adhesive to set before it is ready to use. Once complete you will have a 100% water tight system with a 15 year guarantee. To learn more, download the full Showerwall HPL Installation Guide.

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