CTD Tiles & The Environment
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CTD & The Environment

ctd and the environment

Working towards a sustainable future

Environmental responsibility ends not at the point of manufacture but all the way to the delivery to site and fixing in your home. Ceramic Tile Distributors are committed to Eco tile manufacturing and in responsible distribution as well as innovative products in conjunction with our suppliers.

Sustainable tile manufacturing

green works lgooWorking with sister brand Green Works and key manufacturing partners we have ranges of 25% certified Eco friendly tiles available in our Gemini range. Therefore, together with our suppliers we pay constant and proactive attention to developing the Eco-sustainability of products and production processes.

Ceramic Tile Distributors work with leading suppliers to highlight the quality standards and sustainable accreditation for tiling products to ensure your tile selection is responsible towards the environment, has sustainability taken into account as well as meets the needs of the sustainable future taking into consideration.

Look out for the Ecolabel - Guaranteeing Eco-sustainability


This certification, awarded by the European Union to products with low environmental impact, guarantees to end users/consumers and planners/designers that the purchased products are Eco-friendly and Eco-sustainable.

The European logo of environmental quality (Ecolabel) certifies compliance with the European environmental criteria and is only awarded to products that, compared to those of competitors, have low environmental impact.

The entire product life cycle is evaluated to determine the impact on the environment, from the extraction of raw materials (including the selection of suppliers), through manufacturing, distribution (including packaging) and product use, until the final disposal. Energy consumption, the level of pollution the product adds to water and air, environmental safety and the level of pollutants added to the soil are factors that are taken into consideration when products are awarded the Ecolabel certification.

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