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Outdoor Checklist: How to Get Your Garden Ready for Entertaining

Date: February 4th, 2022 CTD Tiles

The wait between Christmas and Spring can sometimes feel like an eternity and then suddenly it arrives and there’s little to no time to plan. If you’re keen to get your outdoor garden under wraps in time for the warmer months, it’s essential to plan ahead, especially if you’re taking on a larger project.

For those in need of a helping hand, we’re here to be your exterior styling gurus! Here are some of our top tips on getting the space ready…

Prepare Your Surface

A fundamental part of any garden renovation is the patio surface. It's a big part of your garden and presents you with a chance to be creative whilst achieving that dream outdoor scheme you have been waiting all winter long to create.

Apart from weeding, it can also be the most time-consuming part of sprucing up your garden, so allow yourself a bit more time for this. To begin with, you will want to prep and sketch your desired look, this means drawing up a plan and taking into account where some of the key features are so that you can work around them.

landscape drawings of tiled outdoor spaces

Choose Your Surface Material

Once you’ve done this, it’s then time to choose the material you want to use for the surface. At CTD Tiles we always recommend opting for porcelain paving as it requires minimal maintenance and is also slip resistant. With the same look and feel as natural stone, porcelain can be manufactured to boast characteristics of all different textures - making it a superior surface option for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Outdoor tiled entertaining areas

Pictured left: Burlington Silver | Pictured right: Optimal Beige

Our Oaktime tiles in particular offer the best of both worlds! The beautiful wood-effect tile measures a thickness of 20mm and gives outdoor spaces a completely different look and feel, offering a more durable and long-lasting alternative to timber decking!

Outdoor wood tiles

Pictured left: Oaktime Milk | Pictured right: Oaktime Cherry

Bring the Inside Out

The furniture you choose is also an important factor for your outside renovation. It’s vital because it allows your guests and family members to fully relax and enjoy the space around them.

Selecting patio furniture that complements the shade of your tiles is a great first step to decorating. Amanda Cotton from Houselust has beautifully used our Burlington Silver tiles in her garden and has combined them with dark grey furniture to give the area a nice contrast.

CTD outdoor tiles in customer photo

Image Credit: @Houselust

You can then start accessorising and bringing in leafy foliage, colourful rugs, comfy cushions and even a firepit for those slightly chillier evenings.

Collage of outdoor entertaining areas

Image Credits: Pinterest

Now all that’s left to do is invite the guests and sit back and relax! We hope this blog has helped you to feel that little bit more confident about your garden renovation journey.

For more inspiration on choosing the right tiles, take a look at our collection of outdoor tiles or read our Guide to Choosing Outdoor Tiles.

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