White Square Tile Ideas

Date: July 25th, 2018 CTD Tiles | Tags: white square tile ideas, industrial, interior design

Timeless and versatile, white is often a colour that we forget how much we love. Its simple minimalism and fresh appeal makes it the ideal tile colour choice, plus it is undeniably the most popular choice for both kitchens and bathrooms and we don’t expect this to change any time soon.

Collage picture of white square tiles

Whether you’re looking into small white square tiles or large format square tiles, we guarantee we have a white square tile design that will suit your home and requirements. Read on to find out about just a handful of our collections…

Small White Square Tiles

Collage of Reflections white tiles by Gemini

When it comes to tile shape, recent years have seen a huge increase in popularity in the rectangular metro tile and we’re sure that this trend is here to stay for a while. A fresh take on this contemporary look, small white square tiles are beginning to take over as the go-to tile choice. Could these be the ‘new’ metro tile? Paired with a dark grout, small white square tiles are the perfect choice for creating a contemporary and versatile scheme and will work in both kitchens and bathrooms. Available in both 150 x 150 and 200 x 200mm sizes, our white square Reflections tiles are the ideal choice for a modern wall in your kitchen and look fantastic whether placed in a staggered or linear format. Available in gloss or satin finish.

Bayamo white and Havana patterned tiles by Gemini

Small white square tiles also look great on floors, especially when combined with contrasting patterned tiles. The Bayamo White tile shown above, creates a wonderful frame around the geometric patterns of our popular Havana White Flower tiles.

Mix and Match White Tiles

Collage of Cliveden white tiles by Gemini

For a harmonious white tile scheme, think about pairing different shapes and sizes. Often the most popular choice for a bathroom floor, a large white square tile creates a spacious feeling and will look great when paired with tiles of different shapes and textures on the walls. Available as a large square floor tile as well as a rectangle wall tile in a plain and décor finish, our Cliveden collection is the perfect example of how to achieve a beautifully timeless white bathroom.

Adding Interest to your White Tile Theme

Collage picture of Kingston and Marmori white tiles

Opting for white doesn’t have to be boring. For an added bit of interest, choose a collection that has shade variation or pattern. We love our Kingston and Marmori marble-look tile collections both available in a beautiful large format square design suitable for walls and floors. With subtle hints of colour and veining, you can achieve a luxurious look in your home.

Industrial White Tiles

Picture of Cement Tech Mini white tiles

White tiles come in many different shades, shapes and sizes and far from popular belief there is a lot to choose from! For those wanting to steer clear of a high gloss polished finish, a white tile can also help you achieve a contemporary industrial feel. Large white square floor tiles with an unfinished look are perfect for providing a touch of worn out charm to your home. Capturing the distinctive distressed look of cement, the 450x450mm Cement Tech Mini white tile offers a muted take on this rustic trend.

Picture of Barrington white tiles

When it comes to choosing your tile colour and size, think twice about white! Whether you’re looking for a modern kitchen design similar to our Barrington collection above, or a timeless bathroom floor, there are a huge amount of finishes, sizes and shapes to choose from. Explore our range of white tiles to find your ideal look!

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