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Create a beautiful outside oasis you can be proud of with porcelain paving

Make the most of outdoor spaces and turn garden goals into a reality with our exclusive collection of porcelain paving.

If you’re new to outdoor tiles, you may be asking the question can you use porcelain tiles outside? Well the answer is Yes! The increased thickness of porcelain paving tiles allow them to support much heavier loads and cope with extreme weather conditions.

Outdoor porcelain paving is very versatile and can be used to create a stunning modern outdoor patio, transform gardens, back yards, terraces and courtyards, or to create beautiful pathways, walkways and even driveways.

porcelain paving

Paving the way for outdoor living!

Our extensive selection of outdoor porcelain tiles provide an eye-catching yet functional paving option for your garden or outdoor entertaining spaces, for parties, playtime or just general relaxation with a spot of al-fresco dining.

Take a peek below at our top quality porcelain paving collections and choose from a wide range of styles, colours and surfaces including stone looks, wood effects and even coordinating indoor to outdoor options.

Free cut samples

Did you know? We offer 2 free porcelain paving samples, delivered direct to your door.

Porcelain Cladding

Why not continue the style and quality of your porcelain paving with coordinating cladding for external walls! Our collection of highly textured porcelain cladding is reminiscent of exposed brickwork and reclaimed materials, with each tile featuring built-up layers that combine to create a rustic split-face mosaic.

As well as offering eye-catching style to your external walls, porcelain cladding is also highly durable and weather resistant - perfect for the unpredictable UK weather!

Be Inspired

From classic styles to cutting edge trends, check out our blogs, outdoor tiles hub, social media and customer gallery for some bright ideas for every outdoor tiling project.

Outdoor tiles blog

Style Selector

Whether you have a large spacious garden or a small walled courtyard, your outdoor area should reflect your personal style and be an extension of your home; a place where you can escape, unwind and relax. Explore our style selector to inspire you when planning your space.

porcelain putdoor kitchen tiles

Outdoor Kitchen

From family barbecues to pizza-making parties, there are so many selling points to outdoor kitchens.

Porcelain paving offers an ideal solution for outdoor kitchens, providing a durable, weatherproof and stain resistant surface, which is not only easy to maintain but looks amazing too!

Why not consider using porcelain cladding on your outdoor kitchen walls, for a hardwearing stylish backdrop that will look good for years to come. Our wood effect Oaktime porcelain paving is featured here alongside Inwood split-face wall cladding.

To help you plan a dreamy alfresco entertaining space, follow our guide to achieving your dream outdoor kitchen.

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Rustic Charm

If rustic is your go-to style, you’ll need outdoor tiles with plenty of character and natural beauty, to compliment your space.

Our Minster Rustic porcelain paving is inspired by oxidised slate, with earthy hues of bronze and copper complimenting grey tones to provide a weathered finish.

Paired well with flower beds or vegetable patches, the warm shade variations along with the textured finish can add depth to an artisan-inspired garden and can create an effortless backdrop for a rustic entertaining space.

Urban Contemporary Style

The garden is the ideal place to embrace urban industrial style, with modern lines and sleek structures. Outdoor porcelain tiles with natural stone effect designs, provide the ultimate backdrop for contemporary furniture and stylish accesssories.

Inspired by volcanic rock, our Lavastone collection of natural stone effect porcelain paving provides a modern look that is both practical and stylish.

For the ultimate urban outdoor sanctuary, why not mix different textures to add more depth and interest, alongside bold pops of colour and raw finishes for serious wow-factor!

outdoor stepping non slip tiles

Coastal Garden Retreat

If your property is close to the sea, then a laid back coastal-themed garden might just be the perfect look for you. Think seagrass, pebbles and light finishes for that idyllic beside-the-seaside feel with a sophisticated edge.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a coastal home located directly on the beach or can see the shore in the distance, you can really make the most of your exterior space by connecting your garden with the seaside.

Our British Stone tiles in Anthracite are perfect for laying in a stepping stone configuration. Add rope accessories, succulent plants, grasses and rattan furniture to achieve a desirable coastal hide-away.

outdoor seeating area tiles

Outdoor Room

Consider creating an outdoor seating area that is a natural extension of your home. Although the garden is located outside, it’s still very easy to make it feel like another room connected to your home.

Our Sandstone natural sone effect multi-format outdoor porcelain tiles are ideal for creating a contemporary yet classic look for your garden room. Pair with modern furniture designs, flaming fire pits and beautiful flower beds for a stylish outdoor room you can relax in.

Indoor to Outdoor Cohesion

Make your garden a natural extension of your home by opting for a coordinating floor surface for both inside and out. This sought after look aims to unify your internal and external spaces, enhancing the overall feel of the space with style and cohesion.

Our British Stone tiles and Veined Stone tiles work really well for this look, with the thinner 9mm internal porcelain floor tiles complementing the robust, weatherproof 20mm outdoor porcelain paving.

Inspiration from real homes

Browse our Customer Gallery to discover some of the wonderfully creative ways our customers have used our outdoor tiles - perfect if you’re deciding what look to achieve or what furniture and accessories look good with porcelain paving. If you’ve recently completed a tiling project why not upload a photo to the gallery, we’d love to see how you got on!

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outdoor non slip tiles
outdoor flor tiles porcelain
outdoor non slip floor tiles
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Getting Social with Outdoor Tiles

Our CTD Pinterest is full of ideas and advice on outdoor tiles. Discover handy videos and inspirational boards bursting with ideas on how to give your garden a stunning makeover with porcelain paving. Have a look at some of our favourites below...

Our Top Garden Styling Tips

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Layout options for outdoor porcelain paving

The way you choose to lay your tiles will affect the overall look of your space, so you may want to consider what garden tiles pattern you would like to create.

A popular option is a linear tile pattern; this typically works well for all tile shapes, offering a simple, uniform look.

For a more creative design to add interest to both small and large spaces, opt for a brick bond pattern which can be created with most tile shapes, including square and rectangular - perfect for creating a seamless flow of tiles throughout your outdoor living space.

ourdoor non slip tiles



ourdoor non slip grey porcelain tiles



ourdoor non slip porcelain tiles

Linear (Rectangular)

ourdoor non slip porcelain tiles

Linear (Rectangular)

porcelain outdoor tiles

Offset Brickbond

ourdoor non slip tiles

Offset Brickbond

Stacked Square

porcelain paving outdoor tiles

Stacked Square

How to install outdoor porcelain tiles?

When it comes to installing outdoor porcelain paving there are a number of options, depending on where you are laying them and what look you are aiming for. Each installation option listed below has different requirements in terms of products, cost and labour and should be discussed with your landscaping professional alongside the project design.

Installing porcelain paving onto concrete or Type 1 MOT

Porcelain paving is laid onto a pre-prepared Type 1 MOT sub-base or concrete base using the following recommended fixing products:

BAL External Priming Slurry Bond

BAL External Bedding Mortar

BAL External Terrace Grout

Installing porcelain paving onto concrete

Porcelain paving is fixed to a concrete base suitable for direct paving installation using the following recommended fixing products:

BAL External Level Out

BAL Pourable One Flexible Tile Adhesive

BAL External Terrace Grout

Installing porcelain paving using a raised pedestal system

On outdoor patios, terraces, balconies or where under tile access is required, it is possible to build a raised level floor that still allows rainwater drainage, by using our recommended Pedestal Prime® System. This raised pedestal system featuring stackable, height adjustable pedestals can also be used to create a flat floor over a sloped surface, ensuring a perfectly levelled installation.

Outdoor porcelain tiles installation guides

Download our handy guides below to discover more about how to install CTD outdoor porcelain paving and porcelain wall cladding.

CTD Porcelain Paving Installation

Download Guide
Porcelain Paving Installation Guide

CTD Porcelain Cladding Installation

Download Guide

Porcelain Paving FAQ's

Learn more about outdoor porcelain paving

Outdoor Porcelain Paving FAQ's 1
  • What are the best tiles to use outdoors?
    Choosing an outdoor tile that complements your garden style is an important part of any landscaping project and you need an outdoor tile that not only looks good but will be hard wearing and easy to maintain. We recommend outdoor porcelain paving as the best tile to use outdoors, as it has the ability to withstand extremes of temperature, cope with unpredictable weather and has a wipe clean, slip-resistant surface which looks fantastic for years. In fact, porcelain is a material that can live just as happily outdoors as it can within the home.
  • What is porcelain paving made of?
    Porcelain paving is a man-made product manufactured using a combination of clays, sands and other minerals such as feldspar, which are mixed with water and fired in a high-temperature kiln to create an extremely durable tile with exceptionally low water absorption. Just prior to the firing process, these highly-compressed clay tiles are inkjet printed with high-resolution images realistically replicating natural materials such as slate, limestone, marble, travertine and timber.
  • Why choose porcelain paving?
    If you’re planning to transform an outdoor space, porcelain paving has a whole range of benefits which help to make them a superior alternative to more traditional outdoor surface options including timber decking, concrete paving and natural stone. Outdoor porcelain paving comes in a variety of sizes and colours in a wide range of styles to suit any exterior space imaginable, from rustic courtyards to contemporary outdoor kitchens, making it a highly-versatile outdoor tiling option. Outdoor porcelain paving is incredibly tough and durable, offering a waterproof, frost damage-resistant, non-fading surface, with a high-scratch and stain resistance. One of the key benefits of porcelain paving is its ease of maintenance – the tile’s surface is easily wiped clean, requiring no regular sealants or expensive algae treatments, unlike natural stone paving. With such an array of features and benefits, you can rest assured that porcelain paving is the ultimate long term outdoor surface investment for your outdoor space.
  • Where can you use outdoor porcelain paving?
    Outdoor porcelain paving tiles are available in a superb range of styles, colours and textures to elevate the design of your landscaping project. With looks inspired by natural stone, concrete and wood materials, you can use porcelain paving tiles to transform backyards, craft stylish garden patios and create contemporary courtyards and terraces. Outdoor porcelain tiles are extremely durable, slip resistant and non-porous, making them suitable for high-footfall areas including garden walkways, paths and driveways, provided that the appropriate installation method has been used. Even where surfaces are uneven or where under tile access is required, outdoor porcelain paving can be installed onto a raised level floor using our recommended Pedestal Prime system.
  • How are porcelain pavers installed?
    There are several installation options for outdoor porcelain tiles and the chosen method will depend on where the paving is being installed and should be discussed in detail with your professional landscaper prior to the start of the project. Porcelain pavers are most commonly installed onto a Type 1 MOT (granular crushed aggregate) subbase or installed onto a concrete base and the use of slurry primer is essential here. We recommend BAL External Priming Slurry Bond for an excellent bond strength between base and tiles. A raised pedestal system can be used to install porcelain paving where under tile access is required.
Outdoor Porcelain Paving FAQ's 2
  • How do you cut outdoor porcelain tiles?
    Porcelain paving tiles are extremely hard wearing and durable and must be cut using a specialist blade and water feed. This should be carried out by a landscaping professional using adequate safety equipment, including safety glasses, a dust mask and heavy-duty gloves.
  • What grout do you use for outdoor porcelain tile?
    We would strongly recommend the use of cementitious grout when grouting joints between outdoor porcelain paving. BAL Terrace Grout is a durable, water and frost resistant polymer-modified cementitious grout with exceptional bond strength and flexibility, available in four colour options to complement your porcelain paving.
  • Is porcelain paving slippery when wet?
    Safety underfoot is a key factor in outdoor landscaping projects, especially with the UK’s wet weather leaving outdoor paths and patios potentially hazardous. Fortunately, outdoor porcelain paving tiles offer excellent slip resistance due to the surface textures achieved during the manufacturing process. All our porcelain paving collections have a high slip resistance rating of R11.
  • Does porcelain paving stain?
    The incredibly low porosity of porcelain paving provides a surface which is highly resistant to staining. We would however recommend cleaning up stubborn stains as soon as possible, as if left to sit for long periods of time, persistent stains can leave marks that will require removal.
  • How to clean outdoor tiles?

    The incredibly durable nature of outdoor porcelain tiles means they will look good for longer. When cleaning outdoor porcelain tiles, never use abrasive products like scouring pads or solutions containing high levels of acids or alkalis. For a quick clean, sweep away any debris such as leaves and soil, wipe the tiles with a sponge or brush that has been soaked in warm soapy water and wash the residue away with clean warm water.

    If you have a large area of porcelain paving, you may use a power washer, making sure to hold the power lance at a narrow angle as you move it along the paving and avoid pointing the power directly at the joints when spraying.

    For a deeper clean, we recommend Lithofin Intensive Cleaner. To find out more, please visit the Lithofin video gallery to view a range of helpful videos on cleaning and protecting your outdoor porcelain tiles.

What do our customers think?

We place great importance on providing good quality products and a high level of service and it’s fantastic when we hear things have gone well. See a selection of reviews below from the people whose opinions we value and learn from – our customers.

outdoor porcelain paving seating tiles

"Great customer service. I really like that CTD let you take full size tile samples home so you can visualise what the room will look like and see true colour appearance in the space. I would recommend them in a heartbeat."

Abbie Perry


outdoor non slip tiles

"I spent weeks looking for the perfect porcelain tile that would offer the aesthetic I wanted for my garden. I was so pleased when I discovered the Burlington range - it offered the texture, colour and quality I was looking for but offered a uniqueness I couldn't find elsewhere. I receive so many compliments on the tiles from friends and family. The tiles have maintained their high quality even with all the rain we have in the UK. Our landscaper said they were a dream to work with and the delivery and service from the staff at CTD was great"

Cotty Lee


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