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Tiles are one of the most effective ways to make an impact in the bathroom. With the potential to be used on the floor, in the shower, or as a decorative splashback behind a basin, there are endless ways you can create a visually appealing look without going overboard on budget and time. It’s important to consider all the different aspects of your interior and the style of tile you want to incorporate, which is why we have put together top tips on how you can decorate your bathroom with the perfect tile.

Planning Your Bathroom Look

We spend a lot time in the bathroom so when giving it an upgrade, it’s important to plan ahead. Tiles come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, meaning there are a range of different looks that can be created. To begin with, it’s vital to take into consideration the amount of space and surface you have to play around with. If you’re looking to tile smaller bathrooms, large format tiles make for the perfect option as they can be cut to size and will open up spaces with a spacious aesthetic. For larger spaces, we often recommend being a bit more creative; why not incorporate a stylish feature wall in a herringbone pattern? Or go for something a little more unique and adorn your walls with textured tiles that add contrast and natural appeal?
Setting image including Marbles and Poitiers wall tiles
Pictured above: Marbles and Poitiers
Planning how you’re going to decorate with tiles is essential and helps to create the sought-after look you are longing to achieve. For the best results, we recommend creating a mood board with samples until you have found the right colours and finishes for your bathroom.Moodboard of Havana and Poitiers

Go for a Statement Wall in the Bathroom

Achieving the right look for your bathroom ultimately comes down to personal preference. Tiles are a great way of injecting personality into the room, as they often provide a focal point as well as serving a practical purpose. If a bold statement is what you’re looking for, it’s important to decide on a base colour and then think of adding one or two more accent colours to give the décor depth and character. To make an eye-catching statement, we recommend choosing a mix of two different tiles - a splashback featuring mixed colours adds originality, especially when placed above a washbasin, inside shower cubicles or on the surrounding walls. Crackle and Cliveden tiles in a bathroom setting
Pictured above: Crackle and Cliveden

Geometric tiles and block colour can also be combined for maximum effect. Our Poitiers Mint Green tiles work beautifully when paired with our soft blue and grey Havana tiles, delivering a scheme that flows and is practical. Or you might consider a metallic style tile – a look that never goes out of fashion - which will work beautifully on walls and can be one of the most dynamic bathroom tile ideas you go for. Reflective tiles give a super lustrous yet edgy look and work beautifully when paired with neutral colour tile flooring.Havana and Poitiers tiles in a bathroom setting
Pictured above: Poitiers and Havana

Bathroom Floor Tiles 

If you’re looking to give your floors a fresh new look, opting for tiles with a seamless and contemporary finish is key to achieving a sleek and on-trend style. As the bathroom is a place to relax, it should incorporate a look that exudes a spa-like aesthetic to help you switch off at the end of a long day. Opting for a more neutral colour palette like our MarmoriKnole and Cliveden tiles, can give you a tranquil appeal that makes you feel at peace as soon as you step through the door. These types of tiles can also be used on walls and work wonderfully as a tiled area surrounding a bath, providing an eye-catching design feature.  Marmori, Knole, and Cliveden tiles on bathroom floors.
MarmoriCliveden and Knole
Your floor tiles don’t have to be completely neutral. If you feel like experimenting a little more with your surfaces, mosaic, block and geometric floor tiles can be used to add some interesting pattern. Opt for a monochrome style by mixing and matching black and white tiles to create a chess board theme, or simply adorn your floors with something a little more interesting. Our Cuban tiles offer a splash of colour and pattern, and work well within bathrooms of all sizes. Available in a range of styles, this collection offers a distinctive appeal to spaces whilst adding contrast and contemporary appeal. Patterned floor tiles by Cuban
 Pictured above: Cuban

We hope our blog has made you feel more confident when it comes to decorating your bathroom with new tiles. Tell us how you get on, via our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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