How to Create an Open Plan Space with Large Tiles

Date: June 30th, 2020 CTD Tiles | Tags: large format tiles, large tiles, large bathroom tiles, large kitchen tiles, large floor tiles, large format floor tiles

Over the years, we’ve seen large tiles become an increasingly popular option with homeowners, as the significant impact they can make within residential spaces is unparalleled when compared with any other kind of tile on the market – particularly when it comes to creating a beautiful open plan kitchen / dining space.

The Practical Benefits of Large Format Tiles

Collage picture of large format British Stone and Kursaal tiles

Pictured: British Stone and Kursaal 

Ideal for a busy yet style-conscious home, large format tiles have become bigger and better than ever before, and have many advantages for creating an open plan space on both a practical and aesthetic level. As well as being easy to maintain, this style also creates a unified feeling of continuity from the kitchen to the dining area, which can help to make your space appear larger than it really is. 

Sometimes when we think about the space that we’d like to tile, whether that be the kitchen or elsewhere in the home, we might think it is better to use smaller tiles that have a reduced dimension to make the most of the space. Actually, big tiles can create an enhanced feeling of spaciousness and often are the more hygienic option too. With less grout lines needed, your tiled wall or floor will have less interruptions which can make maintaining the room much easier, as tiles are always easier to clean than the grout itself! 

Another practical advantage of a bigger tile is the reduction of installation time. When the tile is larger, it requires a smaller number of sheets, which in turn, facilitates its assembly and minimises the time needed to install it (and can therefore in some cases provide a cheaper option!). 

Creating a Beautiful Open Plan Space

Collage picture of large format Marmori and Realstone Rain tiles

Pictured: Marmori and Realstone Rain

In regards to style, larger tiles are particularly appropriate if you are looking to create a contemporary and elegant open plan environment for your kitchen and dining area, as less grout means a smoother and sleeker look overall. 

The large surface area gives way to a number of on-trend, innovative ideas regarding possible designs since the tiles offer a wide range of uses from kitchens and dining areas, to your countertops and work tables, due to their size, consistency and high technical performance. 

The New Loft Tile Collection

Collage picture of large format Loft tiles

Our new large format Loft tile collection will help you create a luxurious and spacious statement within your open plan kitchen/dining space. Inspired by clean and contemporary Scandinavian design trends, the Loft tiles offer a seamless aesthetic across floors and walls alike. Beautifully crafted from glazed porcelain in four diverse colour options, you can choose from Beige to reflect the rich appeal of natural stone within your kitchen area, or opt for Antracite to introduce a darker and more dramatic contrast to your home surfaces. 

Collage picture of large format Loft tile colour options

Ideal for use in all rooms of the home, our Loft tiles work exquisitely across kitchen surfaces for a sleek and contemporary appeal. Mix and match to create a distinct look throughout or keep it consistent with one simple colour. For a distinctive look, pair the same large square tile on the floor and walls, creating a maximum impact splashback to be admired. 

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