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Date: February 18th, 2019 CTD Tiles | Tags: unique tiles, unusual tiles, quirky tiles

If you’re the type of person who wants to do something a little bit different and make a statement in your home, there are plenty of unique tile ideas to explore. Whether you’re big on colour, a fan of pattern or simply want your visitors to say ‘ooh!’, we’ve put together just a few examples of how you can do things a little differently with your tiles, from statement kitchen splashbacks to focal point flooring. Read on and tell us which idea you would go for!

Zoning with floor tiles

As more and more of us are choosing to live in open-plan spaces, ‘zoning’ has become a term we are hearing more frequently. Often used to describe the different tile choices between living, kitchen or dining areas, we’ve taken the idea of zoning that little bit further. After all, who says that zoning should only be restricted to separating different rooms?

Aspenwood floor tiles by Gemini

For those wanting to create a focal point in a single space, using different colours of the same tile collection is guaranteed to do the trick, as shown here with our popular Aspenwood collection. Whether you opt for a darker area framed by a lighter border or go all-out and create a dramatic split straight down the middle, the options really are endless when it comes to zoning your floor tiles.

Mix and match patterned splashback

For a standout kitchen splashback that might even make you want to spend more time washing up, consider mixing and matching individual patterned tiles. Taking the Encaustic tile trend to the next level, a combination of multiple patterned tiles will help you achieve a truly unique scheme. 

Cuban patterned tiles by Gemini

Seen here using a selection of different tiles from our Cuban range, the monochrome palette ties the design together nicely creating some continuity in style whilst remaining a wonderfully contrasting mix and match display.

Multi-coloured herringbone tiles

The herringbone pattern has long been associated with wooden floor tiles but in more recent times has started to become more popular within wall tile arrangements. A herringbone pattern is a great way to inject an extra touch of character into your walls or floors. If you want to push the design that little bit further though, why not opt for a multi-coloured approach?

Poitiers colured tiles by Gemini

Ideal for those who want to bring more personality into their home, a pop of colour in a single zig zag across your herringbone tiled wall is guaranteed to make people stop and stare. Seen here using our new Poitiers tile collection in Azure Blue with a single line of the Rose Pink, this kitchen definitely delivers that wow-factor hit!

Which of these ideas would you go for? Let us know on our social media pages!

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