5 Ways to Make the Right Impact with Tiles

Date: April 29th, 2019 CTD Tiles | Tags: pattern tiles, coloured tiles, bold wall tiles, pattern floor tiles

Tiles turn heads. When it comes to designing a space in your home, choosing the right tile will have an enormous impact on the overall visual of the room. With decisions to make between colours, size and placement, bringing your chosen style to life with a true design statement takes careful consideration.

Making an impact with tiles collage by Gemini

From a colourful kitchen splashback to a statement feature wall, the most stylish homes have a tiled area that really packs a punch. Here are five ways to make an impact with standout tiles…

1. Create a tiled feature wall

A bold way to create an impact in any room, the feature wall is a favourite technique to make a statement in interior design. A feature wall creates a striking look and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be just one block of colour. Tiles can be used to create a feature wall that is distinctive, whether through intricate, detailed tiles or large maximalist patterns. Our Arles range features four plain colour options which can be used with coordinating patterned décors for a really unique look.

Arles tiles by Gemini in a feature wall

2. Mix and match with tiles

Create a completely bespoke piece of artwork in your home by mixing and matching tiles, like the tiles from our Cuban range. Choose from six designs, featuring coordinating patterns. This is a creative way to smarten up a tired room using tiles, and gives spaces a whole new personality.

Patterned wall and floor tiles by Gemini

3. Make a statement border

This is a great option for anyone wanting to create a bold impact with tiles. Use a tile border for a minimalist but still impactful aesthetic. To create a more unique look consider using mosaics, which can be cut to any size and used as a border or insert. Using a tile border can direct the eye to certain areas of the room, offering great contrast when used with plain tiles. Try using a décor paired with a contrasting coloured plain tile from our Cement Tech Mini collection, guaranteed to bring character to your living spaces.

Cement Tech Mini tiles border in a bathroom setting

4. Create dimension with your tiles

Using tiles with different textured designs creates an interesting feature, especially in contrast to other smooth walls or fixtures. Patterns and textures will energise a room, and inject it with some of that all-important ‘WOW’ factor! Check out our Buxy collection for inspiration.

Textured Buxy tiles by Gemini in a bathroom setting

5. Be bold with coloured tiles

To make a real impact with tiles you can’t go wrong with bold colours, like those in our Reflections range. All too often, people prefer to stick to neutral or pastel colours – especially in the bathroom, where they match the white fixtures. However, when used strategically, bold colours can be used to create an eye-catching design to draw the eye and create a really unique look.

Reflections coloured tiles by Gemini

We hope this blog has inspired you to use tiles in your home! Not only are they a pleasure to look at, they are also hardwearing, practical and easy to clean. Create the interior you’ve always dreamed of by viewing our full tile range below…

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