Marble-effect Outdoor Paving Introducing Lavastone

Date: May 17th, 2022 CTD Tiles
Header: Marble-Effect Outdoor Paving

Inspired by volcanic rock, the new Lavastone outdoor tile collection has a beautiful textural finish and intricate markings alluding to the natural surface of lava. As practical as it is stylish, the Lavastone tile is made from porcelain, a naturally durable and low maintenance material with the added benefit of slip and frost resistance. The collection comes in three colourways; Anthracite, Grey and Ivory which are beautifully versatile and suit a variety of schemes and palettes.

Dark Mode: Contemporary and Minimal Gardens

The Anthracite colourway is the darkest in the collection; an exquisite lead grey colour with high-contrast veining. The Anthracite looks fantastic offset with soft white garden furniture that draws on the white veining of the tile to create a grand and sophisticated look and feel. The Anthracite colourway is the best paving option for larger patios as darker tones need minimum maintenance and have a more dramatic appearance than lighter shades.

Lavastone Anthracite Outdoor Tile
Featured tile: Lavastone Anthracite Porcelain Paving

Molten Silver: The Classic Colour for Patio Paving

The ultimate classic grey, the Grey colourway is timeless and uplifts exteriors with its light subtle shades. To create a tranquil balanced scheme; pair with warm natural wooden furniture and choose sage green outdoor fabric for soft outdoor furnishings, this will help emulate the natural environment and create a relaxing atmosphere. With substantial scale, timeless colour and a distinguishing texture the Grey colourway, is an easy choice if you are looking for the ultimate grey outdoor tile.

Lavastone Grey Outdoor Tile
Featured tile: Lavastone Grey Porcelain Paving

White Hot: The Best Tile for Modern Landscaping

The Ivory colourway is rich with creamy tones, and lends itself to warm colour palettes. This light-coloured outdoor tile will add textural interest to a pared-back scheme. For minimalist styling, simply decorate with furnishings in shades of nudes and white. To introduce individuality, finish the look with either rustic wood or cool contemporary accessories. The Ivory colourway is great for keeping your garden style light and airy, the lighter tone keeps the tile from getting overly hot in the summer and the qualities of the tile ensure the patio will remain in pristine condition all year round.

Lavastone Ivory Outdoor Tile
Featured tile: Lavastone Ivory Porcelain Paving

Benefits of Choosing Large Format Outdoor Tiles

Highly on trend, with dimensions of 800 x 600mm, the Lavastone tile is fabulously large scale. Large format tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice, but why are large tiles so popular?


Large scale tiles require less grout lines, giving a sleeker finish.


Less grouting also means less maintenance which is something to consider when choosing the right tile for your garden.


Landscaping your garden with larger tiles also gives the illusion of more space, this makes them a popular choice for smaller yards and patio areas.

If you’ve decided to go for large scale tiles in your garden, the Lavastone tile collection offers a really sleek selection of colours with a rustic edge.

Benefits of Choosing Porcelain Paving

Outdoor porcelain paving is a durable, stylish alternative to traditional stone or concrete paving slabs. Our collection of porcelain paving provides an eye-catching yet functional option for your garden or outdoor entertaining spaces, for parties, playtime or just general relaxation with a spot of alfresco dining. Explore porcelain paving’s wide range of features below.

Lavastone Ivory Outdoor Tile

Discover the full outdoor tile collection below, or for more outdoor tile inspiration visit our style and advice page.

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