How to Embrace the 2022 Colour Trends with Tiles

Date: November 10th, 2021 CTD Tiles

Who is keen to start the new year with splash of colour? We definitely are! From lively greens to pastel blues, it’s time to delve into the trends of 2022 and update our homes with refreshing colour.

To help you discover what’s new, we’ve been looking ahead and preparing ourselves for all the lovely hues that are set to take the interiors world by storm and what a treat we have for you.

Bright Sky Blues

Take to the skies with bold blues!

Bright Skies

‘Bright Skies’ has been named as the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2022 and what a beautifully uplifting shade it is. Reminiscent of a clear sky, it’s a colour that has been chosen to perfectly capture the hopeful mood of the moment, pointing to new beginnings and a breath of fresh air.

Collage of blue tiles

Pictured clockwise from left: Arles | Dyroy | Poitiers

With a wide choice of balmy blue designs across our range, we certainly have tiles to capture this hue. If you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, our stunning Dyroy Blue tile is perfect for introducing a vibrant and playful approach to blue in the home. It also looks great when combined with different coloured grouts, for depth and contrast. For a more characterful finish, the patterned surface of the Arles Sea Gloss tile is also perfect for creating a relaxing interior throughout.

Glorious Greens

If you have been flicking through all the latest interiors magazines and hashtags on Instagram recently, we are certain you will have seen a whole lot of green. Along with blue, this daring and rich hue is going to be having a major resurgence in 2022. It’s a versatile shade that is often associated with nature and the great outdoors.

Collage of green tiles

Pictured clockwise from left: Arles | Poitiers | Dyroy

To introduce this colour into the home you can make a bold statement and implement it onto walls, floors and ceilings. We love how the richness of our Poitiers Green Gloss tiles can be used to create a dramatic statement. It’s the perfect choice for a classic and vintage inspired interior, as the deep emerald tones of the tile create delicate ripples in the surface, adding timeless style.

Pretty Pastels

As popular as they were last year, pastel colours are still in the air and bringing a burst of colour to the home. With Pantone announcing its palette for Spring/Summer 2022, we are set to see everything from cool, soft pastels that flirt with the 80’s, to neutral colours that will blend in beautifully into more minimalist schemes. Our particular favourite is pastel pink and if you’re in love with pink as much as we are then you will love our range of pink wall and floor tiles.

Pink and green pastel colour tiles

Pictured: Poitiers (left) | Varadero (right)

Our plush pink wall tiles are perfect for splashbacks as they contrast beautifully against white surfaces and can be combined with botanical finishes to add that hint of dreamy character. Pair with our Varadero Hexagon Rose Pink tiles for the ultimate coordinated interior scheme.

The Poitiers and Varadero collections are also available in a wider choice of pastel finishes such as Moonlight, Mint, Grey and Azure blue.

We hope this blog has helped you to consider all the different ways to introduce all the latest colour trends into the home with tiles. Take the plunge and let us know how you get on!

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