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How to add a splash of colour to the home using tiles

Date: May 10th, 2023 CTD Tiles

Heading into 2023, we noticed that homeowners were becoming more confident with their interior style choices, particularly when it came to colour. Alongside vibrant paint options and patterned wallpaper, tiles are increasingly being used to create statement designs and bold aesthetics. From funky, geometric splashbacks to colour block bathroom designs, there are a number of ways to get creative with colour in the home.

Titan and Cuban from CTD
Image Credits - Titan Forest (wall) & Cuban White Star (floor)

The important thing to remember when it comes to tile choice is that it is a long-term commitment, so you need to choose a design that will work perfectly within a space for years to come. Need a little help choosing your coloured tiles? Read on for insights and inspiration on the different ways you can introduce colour into your home.

Let your kitchen splashback pop

An eye-catching splashback can bring a burst of vibrancy into your kitchen, transforming the room with a touch of personality. However, don't let colour be your only limit - consider laying your tiles in a herringbone formation or opting for colourful patterned wall tiles for an extra bit of wow-factor.

Our versatile Poitiers collection is the perfect choice for this; when chosen in a blue, pink or green finish, it can really make a space come to life. Similarly, our Varadero Hexagonal tiles can bring a fun and geometrical appeal to the heart of the home. We particularly love our Varadero Mint and Varadero Grey Hexagonal tiles, as together they create a calming yet visually interesting look.

Poitiers, Varadero and Devon from CTD
Image Credits - Left: Poitiers Rose Pink | Top Right: Varadero | Bottom Right: Devon Pink

Add colour to your bathroom's floors and walls

Bathrooms are no longer overlooked when it comes to home décor, and it's great to see more homeowners play with colour in the space - especially with rooms that are on the small side. And with the help of colourful bathroom tiles, you'll soon notice your evening and morning routines improve too.

Here at CTD Tiles, we offer an endless number of ways to really give your bathroom the flair it deserves. Take a look at how @littlehouseinlondon has styled our popular Dyroy Green tiles for an on-trend green look. We have created something similar by pairing the Dyroy Aqua tiles with the Contrasti Tappeto Ottanio tiles, as this creates a tranquil colour drench aesthetic perfect for relaxing in after a long day.

Dyroy, Cuban and Contrasti from CTD
Image Credits - Top Left: Dyroy Green (wall) & Cuban Silver Star (floor) (courtesy of @littlehouseinlondon) | Right: Dyroy Aqua (wall) & Contrasti (floor) | Bottom Left: Dyroy Blue (courtesy of @ironbridgeinteriors)

Shower in style

If you have a separate shower or wet room and fancy giving it a stylish edge, then consider tiling the surrounds and walls of the area for a practical and visually interesting touch! Our Varadero Azure Hexagon tiles can create this look beautifully, giving the space contemporary flavour.

We also love how has used our Poitiers Rose Pink Gloss tiles on their shower wall, transforming it into a space that is romantic and full of colour.

Varadero and Poitiers from CTD
Image Credits - Left: Varadero | Right: Poitiers (courtesy of

Create a bold entry way

Providing complete functionality and durability, floor tiles are a great way to add interest into the entry of our homes. Like a feature wall, why not create a feature floor that will really make an entrance? Our Havana White Herald Matt tiles, as seen here, exude character with their heritage pattern and traditional blue tones and are perfect if you're looking for some classic colour.

You can even venture into more eccentric tastes and opt for our monochrome Cuban Black Block tiles for dramatic effect. These tiles pair seamlessly with a moody colour palette and darker details - an ideal choice if you're taking a different approach to colour!

Poitiers, Havana and Cuban from CTD
Image Credits - Left: Poitiers (wall) & Havana (floor) | Right: Cuban

We hope this blog has given you enough inspiration to go away and get busy in your own homes. As we enter a more colourful interior landscape, it's important that we know what shades work best in our homes and how to style with them.

Take a look at our inspiration section for even more ideas, and if you're planning on renovating with colour in your home soon, don't forget to tag us on social media!

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