Trend Alert: Green Kitchen Trends for 2023

Date: April 12th, 2023 CTD Tiles
Green Kitchen Trends for 2023
Left: CTD Tiles, Poitiers Mint Green Gloss and Havana White Garden | Bottom Right:

Green is a colour suited to a variety of kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary chic. It delivers an exuberant appeal, perfect for any home. From emerald hues to sage greens, we offer a gorgeous selection of green tiles to suit a range of kitchen schemes.

Perfect Pairings

Contemporary green kitchen scheme
Top: CTD Tiles, Titan Forest Green and Cuban White Star | Bottom Left: @KWStudio | Bottom Centre: Melanie Jade Design

A lighter shade of green can be perfectly suited to more Japandi, Scandi, and Cottagecore aesthetics, as it can be beautifully complemented with sumptuous light woods and gorgeous foliage.

For those seeking a more adventurous colour match, why not pair it with pink? Whether it be a peach, blush, or hot pink - these two colours accompany each other in a decadent yet gentle way. Finalise the scheme with some bright and bold accents for an impressive finishing touch.

Botanical patterns and fresh foliage are also a great way to incorporate green into a kitchen, whether it be through flowers in a vase or decorative pillows on a barstool - the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a natural appeal to the kitchen!

Soft and Sage

Calming green kitchen sink space
Top Right: | Bottom: CTD Tiles, Alba Verde

The shade that swept social media; sage green is a soft colour that should not be underestimated. Holding a power that brightens the kitchen even on the darkest of days, this hue is best paired with lighter woods and paint colours that don't overwhelm it.

Sage can be incorporated beautifully into the kitchen through a splashback or across every wall. Our Alba Verde tiles provide a delicate finish, particularly when used as a feature wall in the heart of the home. However they're used, these tiles are able to fit into numerous aesthetics to create a homely yet eye-catching scheme.

Dark and Dramatic

Green-tiled kitchen table
Top Left: Dyke & Dean | Bottom Right: CTD Tiles, Dyroy Green and Dyroy Blue

Richer shades such as forest green or emerald are gorgeously invigorating and are certain to add depth into the kitchen. They are powerful colours that are best partnered with elegant accents such as gold, marble, and darker woods to create a harmonious look and feel.

Our Dyroy Green tiles and Titan Forest tiles are just two examples of tiles that perfectly encapsulate the sentiments that should be emitted in a darker kitchen. Decadent yet dramatic, they will become the star of the show; pairing exquisitely with both traditional and modern features alike.

Modern mint green kitchen
Left: CTD Tiles, Varadero Mint Hexagon and Varadero Moonlight Hexagon | Right: melanielissackinteriors

Luckily, here at CTD Tiles we have plenty of tiles that are green and ready to be seen, take a look through our entire range by clicking below for all the inspiration you need.

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