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Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Date: March 29th, 2018 CTD Tiles | Tags: small, bathrooms, ideas, tile school 101, how to, inspiration, bathroom tiles, reflection, toscana, quarz, natural stone, tile ideas

When it comes to small bathrooms, it can sometimes be difficult to be inspired and see how you can really open up your space. Whether you’re restricted by architectural features such as sloping roofs or you’ve simply not got very much floor space to work with, there are a number of small bathroom tile ideas that can help! Read on to discover our ideas and top tips on how to use tiles to maximise on your small bathroom layout.
Range pictured above: Reflections.

1. Using the same tiles on the floor and walls
A great trick to make a small bathroom look bigger is to use the same tiles on the floor as on the walls. Working particularly well if you go for a larger sized tile, this continuation of the surfaces will create the illusion of space and instantly make you feel as though you have more room. If you’d like to opt for a patterned floor tile, another way to create a feeling of never-ending space is to use the same tile on the floor of your shower as the rest of your bathroom. For those who are lucky enough to have the room to fit one in, tiling the side of your bath and the wall directly behind it with the same wall tile is a fantastic way to trick the eyes into making the room feel larger, as it makes it difficult to distinguish between where each area begins.  
Ranges pictured above: Natural Beauty, Quarz.

2. Incorporate colour
When it comes to choosing the décor for your small bathroom, you shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate pops of colour. A small space is actually a great place to experiment and be brave with certain shades that you might not want to use in more used or larger rooms in your home. Incorporating colourful bathroom tiles will add vibrancy to the space and will also help to frame certain areas of the room. Little alcoves and recessed shelving are perfect examples of places where you can bring a hint of colour into your scheme whilst making the most out of every single corner of your small bathroom. If you do choose to go for an overall white scheme, (which let’s face it a lot of us do) then these little accents of colour will stop it from feeling boring and lifeless. 
Ranges pictured above: Savoy, Vivid.

3. Play with tile layout
Where and how you choose to lay your tiles can have a big impact on a small bathroom design. A very popular use of tiles in a smaller space is tiling halfway up the wall, making the space feel larger. If you choose to go for a bolder or darker coloured tile, you can paint the upper wall and ceiling the same shade of white to truly maximise on the available brightness either from your lights or even your windows. Another small bathroom decorating idea is to introduce a horizontal line of tiles in the middle of the walls. This simple trick will create the illusion of a wider space and works particularly well in en-suites or even a loft conversion. 
Ranges pictured above: Natural Beauty, Hillock, Travertine.

Final thoughts
Don't forget, opting for underfloor heating instead of towel warmers can save you space whilst wall-hung furniture units will create the illusion of even more room and even potentially provide you with more storage space! 
Ramge shown above: Kursaal.

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