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10 Kitchen Wall Tile Styles

Date: March 27th, 2019 CTD Tiles | Tags: kitchen wall tile ideas, modern kitchen tiles

Ideas To Brighten Up Your Kitchen!

Celebrated as one of the most important rooms in the home, the kitchen is where we naturally spend a lot of our time. Whether you’re a country bumpkin or a city dweller, getting your kitchen interior scheme just right is arguably one of the most essential aspects of creating a harmonious home décor.

10 kitchen wall tile styles from Gemini

The return of colour has been building for the past couple of years and in response, pattern is finding its place in the kitchen. Versatile by nature, tiles are the perfect option when it comes to adding texture and colour to the kitchen. With the ability to transform the look of your space with ease whether chosen to create an eye-catching splashback or to provide a focal feature on the walls, tiles can be used to introduce hints of playful pattern or establish a sophisticated scheme. Incredibly easy to care for and maintain, tiled surfaces are hardwearing and simple to keep at their best during busy daily routines in the kitchen.

From rustic designs that evoke the texture and characteristics of raw materials to classic metro and patterned tiles, the kitchen range from GEMINI Tiles is vast, ensuring a truly unique look for your home.

1. Patterned Kitchen Wall Tiles

As the latest interior trends have encouraged a more confident approach to pattern, decorative tiles have become a design must-have, promising to instantly transform your kitchen with playful pattern and sophisticated style.

Patterned kitchen tiles from Gemini

Traditionally used to decorate Victorian homes, patterned motif tiles have been updated with contemporary influence to suit a range of purposes and design schemes. Our Cuban collection features on-trend geometric shapes in four distinctive tiles including the Star, Block and Ornate designs, which can be used individually or mixed and matched to create a statement splashback in the kitchen. Embracing pared-back neutral tones of White, Silver grey and bold Black, the monochrome palette highlights the level of detail in each pattern and provides the ideal background to explore your unique sense of style.

2. Country Kitchen Wall Tiles

With the country kitchen and shaker styles returning to the top of the trends, it’s a great time to embrace country style, which has become a design classic in the kitchen. Celebrating the rustic texture of natural stone, the Tiffany collection reveals a range of porcelain wall tiles designed to make a statement in the kitchen.

Country kitchen tiles from Gemini

Taking inspiration from the tonal colour variations and organic aesthetic of iconic stone surfaces, Tiffany achieves a beautifully realistic alternative to real stone, with style updates that consider the latest trends and practical features to suit the busiest of modern lifestyles.

3. Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles

As modern lifestyle choices and city living reinvent the traditional aesthetic of the home, interior trends have responded, taking inspiration from architecture to provide new and exciting materials for the kitchen.

Modern kitchen tiles from Gemini

Celebrating industrial finishes with three unique designs that create effortless, urban style in the home, The GEMINI Rock collection is guaranteed to deliver a contemporary appearance with three unique designs. Effortlessly transform your kitchen into a contemporary retreat of urban style and establish a new industrial identity for your modern home.

4. Rustic Kitchen Wall Tiles

Tactile textures of wood and exposed brickwork are emerging into the kitchen in response to natural Scandi and industrial luxe trends. These rustic textures add a feeling of depth and warmth to any scheme, reinventing the materials for the modern, relaxed home.

Rustic kitchen tiles from Gemini

With the rise in popularity for plywood and more rustic, reclaimed wood finishes influencing the trends, the Inwood tile collection explores industrial textures that celebrate the natural beauty of wood. Each tile is created with a 3D surface with authentic wood-effect planks mixed and matched together to create an eclectic alternative to cladding. Designed to transform walls, Inwood tiles are perfect for providing a minimal Scandinavian feel or introducing warmth and texture for an inviting, rustic kitchen scheme.

5. Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Tiles

Featuring a delicate crackle-effect finish, the GEMINI Crackle collection of gloss tiles is available in six on-trend colourways, ideal for achieving a seamless farmhouse feel.

Farmhouse kitchen tiles from Gemini

Introducing warmth and a more tactile approach to surfaces in the kitchen, opt for muted palettes to contrast darker wooden cabinetry and the unique textures of natural wood for a truly inviting scheme.

6. Mixed Coloured Kitchen Wall Tiles

From the sought-after, dusky hue of Rose Pink, to rich Azure Blue and tranquil Mint Green, the GEMINI Poitiers collection promises to easily transform any décor scheme. Designed to introduce colour to the walls of your home, each tile within the range can create a stunning statement when used either on its own or when paired with other colourways from the collection.

Mixed colour kitchen tiles from Gemini

Featuring a classic shape, the Poitiers collection can be used to create an array of playful and colourful patterns, from on-trend multi-coloured chevron compositions, to herringbone patterns and straight-line brick styles that are a simple and effective way to refresh your interior.

7. Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles

Reminiscent of Parisian metro stations designed in an art deco style, Metro style tiles are timeless in design and can recreate the sought after and effortlessly chic subway tile look in your kitchen with ease.

Subway kitchen tiles from Gemini

The GEMINI Metro Brick collection is the ultimate in contemporary classic style with plain and bevelled options to choose from in 4 timeless colours. Consider your tile layout when installing these small format tiles - from classic linear, to brick and on-trend herringbone designs, you can create your own unique style for a refreshing and timeless kitchen wall feature.

8. Patchwork Kitchen Wall Tiles

Embracing the trend for incorporating pattern into the home, the Arles tile collection is guaranteed to make an impact. Available as a single solid colour in Sea blue, Forest green, Snow white and Silver or as a collection of 12 Décor tiles, the muted palette and subtle geometric patterns will bring interest and character to your kitchen walls.

Patchwork kitchen tiles from Gemini

For an added statement focal point, consider a patchwork effect using the Décor tiles to create a standout splashback that’s guaranteed to make you spend more time in the kitchen.

9. Terracotta Kitchen Wall Tiles

Perfect for a stunning, statement kitchen splashback, our GEMINI Frame collection seamlessly merges rustic style with contemporary colour trends. Combining traditional mosaic patterns in on-trend colour schemes including terracotta, the Decoro Cream colourway boasts a refreshing palette of muted tangerines, creams and taupes, adding a touch of personality to your kitchen walls.

Terracotta kitchen tiles from Gemini

Wonderfully tactile and effortless to install, this colourful collection of multi-design tiles is sure to create the ultimate style statement in any kitchen.

10. Dark, Decadent Kitchen Wall Tiles

The Reflections range is available in 28 varying colour options, from classic monochromatic colours to perfect pastel shades and statement vivid hues. The 400mm width option featured below is timeless in design and can recreate the sought after subway tile look in your kitchen with ease.

Dark decadent tiles from Gemini

For something a little different, why not go for a sophisticated, dark and decadent kitchen theme with Reflections gloss black? The beauty of the gloss finish allows for natural light to reflect from the tile’s surface back into the room and ensures that, despite the bold use of black, the space does not feel overwhelmingly dark. By combining darker hues in the kitchen with beautifully textured white marble and accents of polished gold, an incredible modern and undeniably elegant look can be achieved through simple alterations to your kitchen décor.

We hope you’ve been inspired to create your dream kitchen using GEMINI tiles. View the full collection here…

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