Ways to Use Border Tiles

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Looking for the perfect way to add some striking detail to your walls and floors? Consider the use of beautiful border tiles. Whether you’re updating the hallway, kitchen splashback or bathroom, borders can be used to delineate an area to add character and colour to a space. From smaller to larger areas, we can help you on your way to achieving the perfect look for your home. Keep on reading for all the inspiration you need.

Use your Border Tiles as a Surround

Cuban tile fireplace surround
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A fantastic way to implement border tiles into your home is through surrounds. Decorative borders can be used to frame specific areas and draw attention to them. This can be done by using tiles to border your entranceways or even mirrors. Similarly, you can also use a decorative border to make a statement around your fireplace. Our stunning Cuban Star tiles offer the perfect balance of contrast and elegance; the geometric pattern creates a dramatic effect when used across both the hearth and surround of the fireplace.

Create a Statement Splashback

Poiters, Gemini Mosaics and Arles tile collections for border tiles
View the collection: Poitiers and Havana (Left) | Gemini Mosaics: Creswell Linear (Top Right) | Arles (Bottom Right)

For those looking to tile their kitchens, consider using border tiles to liven up your walls, splashbacks and countertops.  You can simply use a plain coloured tile, then pick a tonal border to give your room depth and interest.

Our Arles and Poitiers tiles are perfect for introducing that perfectly framed backdrop thanks to their rectangular tile size. You can decorate the main part of the wall in a soft light tile and then add a single strip of contrast by incorporating a rich blue or red for a visually arresting finish.

Additionally, our mosaic tiles are also ideal for this aesthetic, the Creswell Grey Stone & Metal Mix Linear Mosaic tiles perfectly reflect the light in all settings and work beautifully as a border for kitchen shelving.

Gemini Mosaics

View the Gemini Mosaics collection: Fog Stone (Top Left) | Dusk Grey Herringbone (Top Right) 

Saturn Silver (Bottom Left) | Cream Glass Mix (Bottom Right)

Border Across your Walls and Floors

Poitiers, contrasti and dyroy wall and floor tiles
View the collection: Poitiers and Havana (Left / Top Right), Dyroy and Contrasti (Bottom Right)

If you’re hoping to use the same tile throughout many rooms in the home, such as a hallway leading into a kitchen or bathroom, consider running your border tiles halfway up the wall and horizontally around the room to divide up the contrasting tile colours.

Border tiles are also not just for the wall! Adding a border tile around the edge of a patterned or coloured floor will create a statement look too. Our lovely Contrasti tiles work exceptionally in kitchens and are available in a plain option that sits beautifully around its matching decorative Tappeto tiles – leaving a striking aesthetic that will last for years to come.

And there you have it! All the inspiration you need to take on border tiles in your home. Whether you’re using them for your splashback or across one whole room, there are so many ways you can introduce them into your home.

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