How to Introduce Green into the Home with Tiles

Date: November 10th, 2021 CTD Tiles

Looking for green interior ideas? We have you covered! There is no better way to transcend into 2022 than with a bright burst of green, and with what we’ve seen circulating across Instagram lately, there is no better colour.

From fresh minty hues to deep earthy shades, it’s time to embrace new beginnings and introduce these tranquil colours into the home. To help you on your way, we have pulled together all of our top tips for incorporating green into the home through tiles.

Green Metro Tiles

For those looking to embrace timeless style with a hint of green, opting for a stunning green metro tile might just be the right choice for you. It’s often tricky to find ways to introduce vibrant shades into more traditional schemes, however by merging this contemporary colour with a classic design such as the metro brick tile, you are certain to strike the perfect balance.

green metro brick wall and floor tiles

View the collection: Poitiers (wall) | Havana (floor)

You can also achieve a striking wall of colour with the crackle effect of our lovely Dyroy Green Metro tiles. When combined with minimalist ceramics and sprigs of greenery, a sumptuous and classic look can be so easily attained. For those looking for something a little more edgy, consider using this tile alongside other contrasting designs, such as Aqua from the Dyroy range, as the mix of colour will create the ultimate eye-catching statement.

metro colour mix tiles

View the collection: Dyroy

We also absolutely love how our dark green Poitiers tile provides a luxuriously glossy ripple across walls. You can position this tile in a stunning herringbone format alongside sleek blue cabinetry for a setting that is as stylish as it is elegant.

Poitiers green wall tiles splashback

View the collection: Poitiers

Green Patterned Tiles

Why not go bold and approach the green trend with beautiful ornate tiling? You might think this is a bit too brave, however you don’t have to go wild, you can simply choose a beautiful ornate tile with hints of green detailing incorporated into it. Our lovely Havana White Flower tiles are perfect for this aesthetic thanks to the sage floral motifs found across the surface of the tile. They work particularly well in living rooms with soft furnishings, and bold pops of colour. What’s not to love?

white flower floor tiles

View the collection: Havana

To enhance the look, you can also bring natural elements into your room through plants and botanical finishes. This is one of the most natural ways to add green into the home. Placing a few houseplants around the home will also reduce carbon dioxide levels and cut down on airborne dust, what a win!

Green Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are seriously taking over interiors right now, so why not use them in an adventurous green colour? Hexagonal tiles in particular are a dreamy choice! Modern and fun, they’re a versatile and abstract option that will bring instant character to a room and if you search for #hexagontiles on Instagram you will see just what we’re talking about.

green geometric wall tiles

View the collection: Varadero

Perfect for this look, the refreshing minty green hues of Varadero Mint work so beautifully when used as a splashback. You can even create a truly distinct look in kitchens by combining varying shades from the range and positioning them in an unstructured format as this will immediately draw your eye in! What’s even better is that they are also designed to match our lovely Poitiers Mint Green tiles for a completely coordinated look.

harmonious surfaces floor and wall tiles

View the collection: Poitiers (wall) | Varadero (floor)

Feeling inspired? We hope this blog has made you green with envy and persuaded you to take the plunge and introduce this serene hue into your home. Let us know how you get on!

For more home update ideas, head over to our Pinterest for all the inspiration you need! View our entire tile collection here or see more examples of how our customers have used our tiles to transform their interiors, head over to our Customer Gallery.

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