How To Make The Most of Square Tiles

Date: May 31st, 2019 CTD Tiles | Tags: square tiles, glazed square tiles, coloured square tiles

Dare to be square and make a statement with square tiles in your home. Square tiles are a classic and timeless style for any space and continue to appear in many fashionable interiors, Instagram profiles and glossy magazine pages.

The sheer simplicity, versatility and practicality of square tiles makes them a trend well worth including in your design scheme. Their even shape means that they’re easily adaptable and can be a lot of fun to get creative with. They also work well with a huge range of different interior styles.

Collage of square tiles from Gemini

White Square Tiles

A plain square tile may not seem like the most daring choice for your walls but its simple minimalism and fresh appeal makes it the ideal colour choice and is undeniably the most popular option for both kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, its simplicity allows a lot of margin for creativity! Experiment with colour, grout and layout to design different looks to suit your style. For example, paired with a dark grout, white square tiles are the perfect choice for creating a contemporary and versatile design scheme.

Reflections white square tiles from Gemini in a bathroom setting

Our white square Reflections tiles are the ideal choice for a modern wall in your kitchen and will look fantastic whether placed in a staggered or linear format. For a fresh yet timeless kitchen scheme, pair the satin finish of the Reflections collection with chrome accents and white cabinetry.

Patterned Square Tiles

When it comes to home décor, homeowners are becoming ever bolder when choosing patterns and colours and this is by no means limited by tile choice! At CTD, we provide a wide range of GEMINI patterned square tiles that will provide warmth and character to your home.

Cuban patterned square tiles from Gemini in a fireplace setting

Inspired by traditional Encaustic tiles, our Cuban range offers intricate geometric shapes in a subtle colour palette, perfect for the modern home. Featuring six distinctive designs which can be used individually on the floor or mixed and matched to create a statement splashback. For a modern look, pair with rich teal tones and plenty of plants, or opt for natural wood finishes and rustic rattan furniture to introduce character with calming texture.

Havana patterned square tiles from Gemini in a living room setting

Our Havana collection is a series of patterned tiles in a fresh, pared-back colour palette. From traditional Victorian tiles used to decorate the entrance, to the introduction of geometric and ornate designs throughout the home, this square tile range provides endless opportunity for individual style. Pair Havana with complementary shades of white, blue and natural wood, or embrace an impressive approach to colour such as vibrant yellow.

Mix and Match Square Tiles

For a harmonious square tile scheme, think about pairing different shapes and sizes. Often the most popular choice for a bathroom floor, a large white square tile creates a spacious feeling and will look great when paired with tiles of different shapes on the walls.

Reflections coloured square tiles from Gemini in a kitchen setting

For an added bit of interest, opt for a collection that is available in a range of different colours and sizes and create a statement wall. Our Reflections range is available in a large square, a small square and a rectangle design in over 20 colours, meaning you have the freedom to inject pattern and character onto your walls.

Stylish, durable and designed to suit any style of home, square tiles have huge potential to make a big impact. Check out the full GEMINI tile range below and use the filter feature to select the square tile size options you prefer.

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