2023 Interior Predictions

Date: October 19th, 2022 CTD Tiles
bathroom setting wall tiles

From stylish tiles to expressive colour palettes, it’s time to see what the future holds with our 2023 interior predictions.

With another year coming to a close, we have enjoyed seeing the various trends and styles that have entered our homes. From green colour palettes to retro aesthetics, people are becoming more and more creative with their design choices, allowing their interiors to reflect their true sense of style.

Tiles in particular have shown versatility, keeping up with trends and injecting original style into bathrooms and kitchens. Practical spaces have been transformed, and now boast more interior flair than ever, creating an effortless flow of style throughout the home.

So, let’s take a look at what 2023 has to offer and see where our favourite tile designs fit in with the new or returning trends for the upcoming year.

mood board of different tilesImage Credits: (Top left) Inwood 3D Beige |(Middle left) Sherwood Mahogany | (Bottom left) Kingston White Matte (Top right) Dyroy Green | (Middle right) Dyroy Aqua | (Bottom right) Cuban Silver Star

Calming Natural Interiors

In a world that’s constantly busy, it’s important to create a peaceful space at home. To achieve this look, soft colour palettes and natural elements are a good place to start as they introduce tranquillity into your home, whilst delivering the ultimate in relaxation and calm.

The neutral colourways from our Alba Collection offer an ideal wall option. The Blanco design in particular, perfectly complements bathrooms, creating a dreamy spa-like aesthetic. Featuring an off-white tone with a subtle crackle-effect, it works exquisitely against earthy hues and natural raw materials.

bathroom splashback wall tiles with a mood boardImage Credits: (Left) Alba Blanco | (Right) Handcrafted Beige Decor

Luxury Monochrome

Monochromatic colour palettes are usually the go to for homes to project sophistication and elegance. Although minimal, this specific aesthetic can be impactful to any space as the contrast of colours can feel eye-catching and dramatic, sparking visual interest throughout.

The Cuban Black Block tiles are a great option for homes that suggest a fearless and bold energy. Styled to accommodate either a hearth or a feature floor in the kitchen, this versatile design can accentuate any monochromatic scheme whilst also adding character and depth to the space.

Grey contrasts wall tiles cuban and brickImage Credits: (Top) Cuban Range | (Bottom left) Cuban Black Block | (Bottom right) Bevel Brick Mid Grey

Lavender Hues

Coming back as the star colour for 2023, lavender is not only going to be associated with all things calm and cute. The timeless pastel shade is injecting vibrancy and life into your home, and can be seen within art deco and contemporary schemes. For colourful homes, the Dyroy Aubergine tiles can create a very similar aesthetic in the kitchen thanks to its harmonious purple tones. Whilst the tile itself is full of an array of different purple hues, it paves the way for a beautiful colour drenched space, working particularly well with accents of lavender and contrasting fittings and accessories.Dyroy white and aubergine wall tiles for bathroom and kitchen settingImage Credits: Dyroy White | Dyroy Aubergine
We hope you enjoyed taking a look through our favourite 2023 interiors trends, and have taken some inspiration foryour own home! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, using @ctdtiles, if you fancy trying these ideas out, we can’t waitto see what you come up with!

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