How to Incorporate Bright Coloured Tiles into the Kitchen

Date: August 27th, 2020 CTD Tiles | Tags: colourful kitchen, bright kitchen tiles, purple kitchen tiles

From simple to sensational, there are a variety of ways to bring colour into your kitchen ranging from small pops to statement splashes. Our favourite technique to create a bold, colourful look is through the use of wall tiles, as there is so much versatility and flexibility – plus, you can have a lot of fun getting creative!

Colourful kitchen wall tiles are a fantastic way to showcase your unique personality, and bring a touch of fun into your home. In this blog post, we round up our top tips on how to embrace the trend for colourful kitchens and style your tiles!

Pick One Statement ColourCollage of pink and purple Poitiers and Dyroy wall tiles

Pictured: Poitiers and Dyroy

If you’re wanting to experiment with colour, but don’t want anything too dramatic, then the safest option is to pick one statement colour and pair that with neutral shades elsewhere in the kitchen. You may already have a favourite colour, or a particular hue that you’re basing your design around, so work with this.

Different colours evoke different moods, so choose wisely! Red can be energetic and fire up your culinary creativity, whereas blue is calming and acts as a dramatic backdrop to crisp white kitchen fittings. Meanwhile, zesty orange is a vibrant, energising colour and purple tiles, like those in our Dyroy collection, offer an on-trend, quirky look.

Mixed Colour Kitchen Wall Tiles

Collage of Dyroy, Poitiers and Reflections wall tiles in kitchen settings
Pictured: Dyroy, Poitiers and Reflections

There’s something quite playful and exotic about bright and bold tiles, especially when they’re layered up with a few different colours. The different tones add depth and visual interest to the room, which is great in the kitchen as it tends to be place where you’ll spend the most time. Blue tiles and green tiles tend to complement each other nicely, as do pink tiles and purple tiles.

Take inspiration for mixing and matching your coloured wall tiles from our popular Poitiers collection – from the sought-after, dusky hue of Rose Pink paired with rich Azure Blue or tranquil Mint Green, this range has been specifically designed to bring colour to the walls of your home. Featuring a classic shape, you can create an array of fun and colourful patterns, from on-trend chevron compositions to herringbone patterns and straight-line brick styles that are an effective way to refresh your kitchen interior.

Patterned Kitchen Wall Tiles

Collage of Arles decor wall tiles in kitchen settings
Pictured: Arles

As interior trends have become more daring and confident, decorative patterned tiles are a great way to bring an adventurous touch of colour into your kitchen. In this way, you can bring in multiple complementary colours, in one pattern or more – contrast two or more different looks for a unique and bold statement.

Playful patterns will instantly transform the look of your kitchen and add a real sense of sophisticated style. Our Arles tile collection provides subtle geometric patterns in Sea Blue or Forest Green to add interest and character to your kitchen walls. For an added focal point, consider a patchwork effect to create a statement splashback that’s guaranteed to make you want to spend more time in your kitchen!

When it comes to using colourful kitchen wall tiles, we hope our blog post has encouraged you to be brave and go bold! As long as you’re working with colours that you love, or make you feel good, then you can’t go wrong – whether that’s working with one statement colour, or layering up a few different accents for a stunning combination. Just have fun with your tile design, and a uniquely beautiful kitchen will be the end result. We can’t wait to hear how you get on!

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