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Industrial Tile Trend - Round Up 2017

Date: November 16th, 2016 CTD Tiles

Ok so you’ve decided that now is the right time to sit down and consider your next big project and over the year you’ll have heard about the latest trends such as Grey Scale, Industrial, and of course the Wood Look. 

cement tech and terra nova tile range

Terms such as concrete jungle, tranquil retreats and reclaimed wonders have been floating around in the interior design industry and you feel as if you have made your mind up on what interior trend you would like to incorporate into your home but would like more information...  Does this sound slightly familiar to you? 

We are here to shine some interior light onto the most popular trends of 2016 which are set to continue into 2017. 

Hot in the lead is the Infamous Industrial Trend 

A strong contender for 2017 and high standing within the trend of all trends. The Industrial Tile trend is bound to get your interior taste buds tingling.
What makes this trend so great we hear you say? 
It is its ability to look modern, stylish and quirky whilst being practical and desirable! 
How can you incorporate the concrete jungle of trends into your home without it looking commercial?
The answer is simple… 
Take a look at our Cement Tech tile range which comes in two distressed concrete colour variations, Grey & White.

cementech tile trend

The large format traditional distressed effect of Cement Tech can transform areas into a modern metropolis paradise with both colours being ideal for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms and Conservatory areas. 

Not only does this tile range exudes innovative sophistication, it works fantastically well with under floor heating which is something of a hot commodity especially around this time of year.

cement tech white small

These glazed porcelain tiles are the personification of the industrial Tile trend, hard wearing because of their PEI rating, timeless and strong industrial appeal. 
Looking for a tile range with a little warmth but super stylish and on trend?

Let me introduce you to the Terra Nova Glazed Porcelain tile range which is suitable for both wall and floor use. With traditional terracotta looks this unsuspecting tile ranges couldn’t be any more at home within the Industrial Tile trend if it tried!

Why I hear you say?  

It's large format sizes ranging from 800x400mm to 800mx800mm in an array of striking colours including Nero, Mocha and Tobacco - our favourite Autumn/Winter shades which remind us of cosy afternoons sitting by a log fire drinking the finest of coffee.

terra nova tile range

The Terra Nova range is a warm interpretation on the usual grey concrete effect shades normally seen when describing Industrial Interior design concepts. 

With this said your home need not look cold and drab; instead you can transform the hub of your home with very little effort to approach the New Year with a bang!  

So if that hasn’t got you excited about indulging in the must have styles of the year then why not test it out for yourself using our Tile Visualiser online or in store.

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