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CTD & Minerva Publications Kitchen Transformation

Date: August 15th, 2016 CTD Tiles | Tags: tiles, kitchen tiles, kitchen transformation, interior design, kitchen design, minerva publications, ctd tiles, wood effect tiles, wood tiles, wood effect tile, wood kitchen flooring

Earlier this year we joined forces with Minerva Publications to transform an apartment Kitchen into a rejuvenated on trend space with character and practicality, incorporating wood effect porcelain tiles. 

Using stylish tiles for the project of the summer, we set out on a trend setting collaboration providing Minerva Publications with Treverkever Wood Effect Tiles in Sand – a great addition to the Kitchen because of their hard wearing qualities and rustic appearance.

ctd treverkever kitchen floor
Photographer Nick Carter

The Treverkever tile range looks like real wood but has the extra benefits of a glazed porcelain tile, something that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical which is why it’s becoming one of our best sellers. Helping to transform an everyday kitchen into a luxury hub of the home without the hefty price tag of real wood whilst also being great for extended living spaces

Katie Thomson, Deputy Editor states ‘one of the biggest decisions for any renovation is the flooring – get it right and the impact will be spectacular; conversely, get it wrong and it can throw off your entire design. There were lots of considerations for this floor – it had to primarily stand up to the tasks of a kitchen floor – grease, items being dropped, high traffic, frequent cleaning – but also had to look soft enough to work in a dining context.

The perfect solution was found in the form of Gemini Treverkever Wood Effect tiles. Without the risk of damage from dropped implements or heels, these tiles are indistinguishable from the real thing and look spectacular in the space.

It can be really intimidating to commit to buying flooring for such a big space, and the colour of the tile was a tough decision. Thankfully, CTD have the excellent GEMINI Tile Visualiser which helps to show tiles on a larger scale

ctd and minerva publications kitchen transformation
Minerva Publications

It is fantastic to hear that the Gemini Tile Visualiser proved to be such a useful tool throughout the decision process.

Something we have been aware of for some time now is the increasingly popular demand for rustic wood effect tiles. An authentic, natural and ‘raw’ look is at the top of the interior trend must have list and it’s easy to see why with Katie being able to style it with almost anything.

The Wood effect trend continues to take the interior industry by storm and according to industry specialists it is only going to get more popular as the seasons change. Reclaimed and hand crafted wood looks are great materials for creating a laid back appearance, something which is strongly desired when creating a Kitchen / Dining space.

ctd treverkever kitchen floor wood effect
Photographer Nick Carter

The Treverkever range in Sand has a laidback, handcrafted feel to it with all the benefits of a porcelain tile.  When creating a foundation for any kitchen it is important tile materials are taken into consideration in order for them to withstand a large footfall along with being easy to clean and appealing.

Following the development process of the Editorial project we are overwhelmed by the response from both Minerva Publications and the homeowner who loved the tile range so much they decided to tile their hallway & living areas. 

treverkever living spaces
CTD Tiles Treverkever

Top Tip: Adding the same tile range to multiple rooms is the perfect way to transport your favourite interior trend throughout your home.

Following the completion of the Kitchen transformation, Photographer Nick Carter went round to check it out and captured the overall look.

If you are interested in the Treverkever range which is available in 4 different colours, please feel free to ask a member of staff within your local showroom or alternatively you can order a free sample online today available online.

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