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CTD A/W Connoisseur Interior Trend

Date: December 30th, 2015 CTD Tiles | Tags: interior trend, tiled floor, Connoisseur trend, 2016 trend, home interior trend, treverkever tiles, wood flooring, ctd tiles

Connoisseur A/W Interior Trend

With winter well and truly here there is no better time to share our favourite trend of the season with you.

A luxurious trend edges towards the cleaner more sophisticated end of the interior spectrum without the expensive price tag.

Ctd Tile Trend

If you’re looking for a refined, clean cut, luxe trend which focuses on the finer things in life then you’re in luck.

Combining leather, tweed, tortoiseshell and marble the Connoisseur trend radiates masculinity with a feminine twist. 

Think chandeliers, traditional designs and key features fit to last a long time and soft embellishments.

Sounds oh so gracious right?!

A little too gracious to accomplish…we think not!

CTD Tile Trend

This stunning trend can be achieved within any living space, big or small by simply combining rich autumnal woods, regal tones & CTD Tiles.

We can’t help but fall head over heels for this demure autumn/winter trend because of its mixture of tones, prints and embellishments.

Feeling inspired? Are you curious as to how you can incorporate the Connoisseur trend into your home?

Look no further as we have the perfect solution!

The best way to incorporate the Connoisseur trend is the start from the bottom.

That’s right, starting from the top and working your way down is a thing of the past, especially when you see our stunning wood effect flooring and new tile arrivals.

treverkever wood effect flooring

Hit the ground running with our Marazzi Treverkever Wood Effect Tile range. Its stunning colour options and wood appearance make it a great tile range for the base of your Connoisseur inspired space.

CTD Trend

As the Connoisseur trend takes inspiration from masculine, heritage fashions it seems only natural to see the herringbone wood effect taking centre stage of such a luxe yet subtle look.

Our New for 2016 Woodessence tile range with herringbone effect will make an outstanding key feature when added to any living space making it one of the most desired tile ranges of the year.

Woodessence tile range

With this said we can happily say that this up and coming luxurious Connoisseur trend sounds rather lavish on paper but in fact an affordable, elegant luxe look can be achieved with minimal effort.




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