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Down to Earth

Date: July 10th, 2015 CTD Tiles | Tags: plaster effect, porcelain, brick, Trends

Down to Earth

Modern day living can be fast pace, with short days, long working hours and living amongst a concrete jungle. When the time has come to arrive home, what more could you ask for than an earthy feel, textures tickling your senses and colours to lift your day away?

It's time to get back down to earth…

Bristol: available in 3 tones, bringing a classic look to your home. Team this brick effect glazed porcelain tile, with voluptuous greenery and rustic hessian throws; transporting you to another part of the world. Imagine the traditional bistros of morocco, adding colour with accessories and artwork.

You can use this range as a wall and floor tile, in varied formations creating your own personal sanctuary. Why not use Bristol as a feature wall or splash back in your kitchen? Or your full first floor of your home, its colours are varied so would pick up colours of your home furnishings easily.


Natural Brick effect tiles are also being paired the warm tones of wood, another sustainable trend. Non-toxic living is about bringing it back to basics.

Treverkever: Wood effect with grains, knots and texture, just with the added benefits of being glazed porcelain.
We are seeing these tiles being used in steam rooms, bathroom walls, behind the counters of quirky bars, and social areas of the home. The natural texture of the tile adds depth to the room, entwining this can create an industrial yet economical twist on the look of your room.


You can change the feel of your room by adding different accessories; add coloured glass vases and splashes of patterns and textures through your fabrics to create your own sensual style.

Timeless: Plaster effect glazed porcelain. This tiles brings the raw edge of textures to the home, if you’re going for the industrial look, pair this with clean lines and shades of white and neutrals. If you want to create an earthy feel, add in soft plush cushions and throws and large pile rugs. 


Try different lighting in each room; some lights will pick up the shading and depth to the tiles, making a warm and cosy environment to come home to at the end of a hard day. Add hues of green to relax and calm your mind, body and soul. 

Great Minds

If you have made your own tranquil living space, why not upload your room to our facebook or twitter; make sure you add the #CTDtiles and we could be publishing a blog with your ideas.




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