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Tower Bridge 120th Anniversary

Date: July 2nd, 2015 CTD Tiles


tower bridge

Tower Bridge 120th anniversary celebrations.

After the infamous Eiffel Tower first floor refurbishment, Glassolutions have fitted an incredible 11 meter glass floor walkway on the UK’s most famous Tower Bridge. 

Glassolutions Façade & Design Supply UK created a stunning glass floor for the tower bridge 120th anniversary. 

This wonderfully thought out glass walkway enables all tower bridge visitors the opportunity to see London from a very different angle. 

Watching the sparkling river waters to the hustle of the busy London roads and pavements below has never been so awe inspiring than it is from the Glassolutions walkway which is positioned 42 meters above the Thames.  

Not only can you do all of this but you can also experience the bascules being raised from this prime viewing location. 

So how was this project carried out? 

All of the glass panels used for this protect are a whopping 84 millimetres thick and contain 7 different layers: 
SGG Diamant Extra Flint Glass Litefloor Anti-Skid Glass, SGG Planitherm Ultra N II Low-E laminated glass. 

The glass used was put together at the Vetrotech KINONN plant in Germany and installed by Glassolutions contracting all of which was installed with no disruption to everyday traffic. 
This high performance glass floor can withstand the impact of high winds, a boat and the weight equivalent to 6 elephants. It’s safe to say the Tower Bridge glass walkway is extraordinarily durable. 

This tremendous feat could not have been achieved without the fine work of Glassolutions and the knowledge of the Tower Bridge Engineers.

Tower Bridge Fun Facts 

  • More than 600,000 visit the Tower Bridge each year. 
  • Opened on June 30 1894 by the prince of Wales, the future Edward VII
  • The Tower Bridge bascules open more than 1000 times a year.
  • It took over 400 workers to construct the tower bridge and more than 70000 tons of concrete was used to support the bridge.
  • Tower Bridge spans a whopping 244 metres. 




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