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No One Likes Cold Feet

Date: March 6th, 2015 CTD Tiles | Tags: underfloor heating, under tile heating, tiles, floor tiles, raychem heating, heating system, floor heating, smart meter

Thinking about tiling your floor but put off by a cold floor? 

It’s time to read up on Raychem.

There seems to be a misconception regarding underfloor heating; Hard to install, high running costs, unneeded heat and ugly thermostats are gripes we hear most days but read on…we're here to help you understand that it isn't that way.

First things first -what is electric underfloor heating and how does it work?

Electric underfloor heating is installed directly underneath the tile, on timber and concrete substrates. This ensures the floor warms, quickly and evenly as the mat or wire are laid where you need the heat.  The system is laid preferably with insulator mats but not necessary, the tiler will firstly install the mat appropriately, and then lay out the underfloor heating system. Once this is done you can apply your self-levelling compound to cover the mat or wire; just so the wires are protected from any nicks of a trowel, and then you're ready to tile! You must remember you need a qualified electrician to set up your timer.


You can section parts of your floor, for instance heat in the dining room but not the kitchen, you can use this anywhere and create any layout. It’s especially good in a wetroom, to quickly dry your floor and bath mats. This will also help towards keeping mildew at bay!

The Smart System

Raychem under floor heating is a system that you can use for all floor coverings. Raychem is a smart heating, self-regulating system and there’s more, it takes just 3mm from the depth from your floor when installing. This smart heating system will warm your floor and provide a pleasant room temperature – when it’s needed most. 

Raychem under floor heating comes in two main types, the ultra-thin cable Cerapro which can be installed on all stable subfloors including cement, screed and insulation board. This cable is normally used on uneven floor types.


Then there is T2 Quick-net, a thin, self-adhesive mat; this mat can be laid directly onto the tile adhesive. This can be installed on all subfloors which are sufficiently insulated and conforming to applicable building regulations. We always recommend using an insulator board with a concrete subfloor as the heat can escape through the concrete.

Raychem’s self-regulating system is backed up by technology, it will sense the areas that need the most heat such as:
  • Near doorways – for example drafts - the cable will heat this area more.
  • Sunlight – colder parts of the room will gain the heat as the sunlight heats other parts.
    When you’re selecting the best heating system for you, make sure you factor in a programmable timer that has features, adjustable temperatures for the changes in seasons and setting times to warm your floor ready for that first cup of morning coffee. Choose between the NRG thermostat or Touch Screen Green Leaf!
    All of our tiles are suitable for underfloor heating, however you must make sure your tiler uses the correct adhesive and grout. The fixing material must be flexible and in some cases the adhesive has to be ‘two-part’, also the programmer must be installed by a qualified electrician.  

    If you are thinking about underfloor heating, call into your local branch and discuss it with us or pick up a fact filled brochure to give you all the information you require, hopefully you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to have a luxurious warm tiled floor… 




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