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Can I Use Porcelain Tiles Outside?

Date: August 12th, 2021 CTD Tiles | Tags: outdoor tiles, outdoor porcelain tiles, 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

Practical Advice on Outdoor Tiling

When it comes to decorating our outside areas, finding the right surface material is an important part of the renovation process. 20mm porcelain tiles in particular are perfect for outside use. Despite not seeming like the type of material you would use for an outdoor patio or walkway, it’s actually one of the more recommended products. If you’re curious to find out why, keep reading for all of our advice and tips on why to you should choose these tiles for your exterior.

Why Porcelain Tiles?

You may be wondering what the difference is between using concrete paving slabs and outdoor porcelain tiles. Whilst traditional paving has been the typical choice for many years, porcelain tiles have grown in popularity recently due to their extensive features and benefits.

All outdoor porcelain tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5, they’re also extremely resistant to UV fading and the manufacturing process of each porcelain tile ensures that they are stronger – providing the ideal surface solution for high-traffic areas.

Across the CTD Tiles collection, we have a wide range of 20mm porcelain tile options that make for a stylish and durable outdoor paving solution. Whether used across backyards, terraces or courtyards, they are the perfect surface for outdoor entertaining spaces.

View the collection: Burlington and Optimal

Are Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Easy to Install?

Because porcelain tiles are manufactured, they are beautifully moulded into clear-cut dimensions that allow them to fit perfectly into place. They can also offer the appearance of a real natural material such as slate or sandstone, meaning homeowners can create that dreamy real stone look whilst having the practical benefits of a porcelain tile.

Additionally, thanks to their perfectly level surface, outdoor porcelain tiles can be easily installed in the same manner as traditional paving slabs, including on grass and gravel surfaces, or using a unique pedestal system for structured installations. See our helpful guide to installing outdoor tiles.

View the collection: Minster and Jungle

Do Porcelain tiles work in all style spaces?

Beautifully designed to fit into all types of exterior schemes, porcelain tiles can work wonderfully within both traditional and contemporary spaces alike. From the classic look of our Burlington collection to the unique and contemporary finish of the Optimal range, homeowners will have a wide range of different porcelain options to choose from that will transform outside areas.

With its authentic appearance of natural slate, the Minster collection in particular is the idyllic choice for any elegant outdoor living space. With its slip-resistant surface and natural shade variation, it’s a stunning option for garden dining areas.

View the collection: Veined Stone and British Stone

Uniting the greenery of the garden with the rest of the house, the lovely British Stone range provides a superior and stylish paving solution. Its natural stone aesthetic complements outside dining areas with timeless style. The 600x600x20mm tiles also come in a thinner internal option for a sumptuous and continuous flow into the house.

So there you go! All you need to know about using porcelain tiles outside. If you’re keen to find out more about our porcelain tile range and outdoor tiling, view our helpful blogs Practical Advice on Outdoor Tiling and How to Achieve the Perfect Look for Entertaining Outside. You can also find a wealth of helpful information and inspiration on our Guide to Outdoor Tiles page.

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