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Patterned Tile Ideas for the Home

Patterned Tile Ideas for the Home

Date: April 25th, 2018 CTD Tiles | Tags: patterned tiles, ideas for the home, home ideas, tile ideas, frame, cuban, tiles, porcelain tiles, trend inspiration, tile inspiration, new ranges, tile decor

Patterned Tile Ideas for the Home

When it comes to our home décor, it seems that we are continually growing in confidence when choosing which patterns and colours to go for. Gone are the days when everything had to be white or neutral, 2018 is definitely the time to be more adventurous with your choices. There’s no denying that the increasing popularity of patterned and encaustic tiles has taken the interior world by storm so we thought we’d pull together a selection of our most popular patterned tile collections to give you some ideas on how to bring some personality and character into your home. 

Featuring our brand new exclusive Cuban collection, we don’t think the trend for patterned tiles will be going anywhere soon, so take the plunge and explore the possibilities for patterned tiles and let us know what you think! 

Kitchen Patterned Tiles

Whether you’re looking to make a statement on your kitchen splashback or thinking about patterned tiles for your kitchen floor, there are a number of ways to bring interest into the busiest room in the home. Seen here in a contemporary luxurious setting, the Cuban Silver Sky tile has been used through the kitchen and dining and even continued out onto the outdoor patio. The patterned kitchen floor tile is the perfect contract to the sleek cabinetry, bringing some warmth and character into the space. 

If you’re thinking about ideas for a patterned kitchen splashback, our Frame range is the perfect choice. With twelve individual patterns fitting neatly onto one larger tile, it’s the perfect non-fuss way to integrate an encaustic tile design into your kitchen! 

Bathroom Patterned Tiles

If you’re looking for bathroom tile inspiration, you are bound to come across plenty of ideas on how to bring some pattern into this space. As well as being a fantastic choice for a kitchen splashback, our Frame collection also looks great when used as a feature wall in the bathroom. Creating a striking focal point, the patterned tiled wall brings excitement to the bathroom and sits beautifully against the paired back white surfaces of the rest of the space. 

If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not opt for pattern on both the walls and the floor? Showing the Cuban Silver Ornate tile on the floor and the White Ornate tile on the walls, this bathroom scheme blends contemporary black brassware with encaustic patterned tiles to create an overall industrial feel. Choosing the same pattern but in a different colourway is a fantastic way of zoning the room and making sure the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the space. Our new Cuban collection is perfect for this as it has two different patterns that are available in a softer grey tone and a more contrasting monochrome colour. 

Living Room Patterned Tiles

Tiles don’t need to be restricted to the bathroom and kitchen areas and pattern can certainly bring a living room space to life. For the ultimate contemporary look, our new Cuban Black Block tile is a beautiful geometric design that is guaranteed to make an impression when used on the floor. Team the eye catching tile design with modern furniture and a paired back colour scheme to really make your patterned flooring the statement piece of your living room. 

If you’re interested in the history of encaustic tiles, you might be interested in this blog post where we talk through the history of Victorian tiles and how they have evolved from the encaustic tiles production method. 

To explore our brand new Cuban range head over to the collection page here.


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