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Top Wall Tile Trends for 2022

Whether you embrace them in your own home or just seek inspiration, interior trends are an important reflection of cultural shifts and moods. From colour drenching to eye-catching patterns, there are so many ways wall tiles can incorporate all sorts of trends; they give us the opportunity to make a statement and be unique, creating our very own on-trend schemes in our homes. As we near the end of 2021, we’ve put together our thoughts on which trends we think will be sticking around in 2022 as well as anything new that’s set to become popular.

Colour Drenching

It’s an easy concept really - to colour drench you must simply embrace colour in a big way! There’s no holding back when it comes to this trend. It’s a full-on, all-out burst of confident colour, covering all surfaces in the room in a powerful way. Tiles, and wall tiles in particular, can help to achieve your perfect colour drenched look, especially if you want to work with a single palette. Our Dyroy tiles come in different shade variations, creating a wonderful spectrum of colour across walls. The variations in tones allow you to create a colour drenching effect but with added depth, a great way of embracing the trend in a realistic and stylish way.

Colour Drenching Wall Tiles

Patterned Hexagons

Hexagon tiles have taken over the interiors world by storm and they’re here to stay! The trend for these geometric-inspired wall tiles has been coming through quickly in interiors, and we’re now starting to see them being incorporated into everyday homes more and more.

One of the key reasons hexagon tiles have become increasingly popular is thanks to the flexibility their shape provides in terms of layout. The multisided tile lends itself particularly well to creating jagged-edged splashbacks or feature walls, whilst the pattern on the tiles can create a true wow-factor statement on a fully covered wall. Muted tones and pastel shades are especially on trend and we think as long as we’re embracing more colour and unique pattern in our homes, hexagon tiles will play a big role!

Varadero Patterned Wall Tiles

Extra Large Format Wall Tiles

Big is beautiful, and in particular when it comes to wall tiles. The trend for extra large format tiles has been born from a desire to achieve wonderfully cohesive, linked areas in the home. With fewer grout lines and connections, large tiles offer the illusion of more space whilst providing a sense of luxury.

From a practical level, they are easier to install (as there’s less of them!) and in the same vein can be a more cost effective choice too. Paired with the same large format tile on the floor, you won’t be disappointed by this bigger is better approach to wall tile choice!

Large Format Wall Tiles

Pictured clockwise from top left: Loft Grigio | Marmori Calacatta White Polished | Loft Grigio

Marble Veining

Marble and marble-effect tiles have been taking the interiors world by storm over the past few years. And whilst we don’t foresee this trend going anywhere soon, there has been a slight shift in the type of marble that people are looking for.

The key here is the veining. In very much the same way that homeowners are wanting to make bolder and bigger statements with colours and patterns, they are wanting the veining in their marble surfaces to make an impact. Marble-effect wall tiles are particularly popular in bathroom settings and will work wonders when creating a truly luxurious and statement scheme.

Marble Effect Wall Tiles

(Still) Going Green

You wouldn’t be mistaken if you thought that this was already an existing colour trend, but green is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the trend is just evolving. Green has made its way into our homes in all different ways, from fabrics and paints to harder surfaces, and it has developed into an almost go-to shade for today’s homes. Green metro wall tiles are one of our most searched for products and there are so many different ways to work with this shade. Metro tiles are ideal for creating standout green schemes, whether vertically stacked, in a herringbone formation or laid in a linear format, the options are endless when it comes to green wall tiles!

The Return of Gloss

There’s no denying that over the past few years we’ve fallen in love with natural textures and matte finishes seem to have dominated. However, we are starting to see homeowners favour a glossier, more luxe finish again and gloss wall tiles are set to become more popular again. Glossy, glazed finishes are ideal for reflecting light around a room and so work particularly well as bathroom wall tiles. The shiny surface draws the eye in and if combined with a delicate crackle or pattern is guaranteed to create a truly luxurious appeal.

We’ve hit you with our thoughts on what we think will be the big trends in wall tiles for 2022, don’t forget to keep an eye on our Pinterest and Instagram pages to keep up to date with all our latest inspiration!

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