Creative Ways to Use Wall Tiles in the Home

Article Written by Antonia Ludden from Tidy Life

Few features in the home have the power to give you the impact and personality that a tiled wall can. The fact that wall tiles come in a myriad of styles, shapes, colours and finishes offers you an opportunity to put your own individual stamp on your space and create a unique and eye-catching focal feature.

So let’s look at some of the creative ways you can use wall tiles around your home.

To Lift up a Dark Space

Pictured: Poitiers Green Gloss 

Not all homes are lucky enough to be flooded with natural light. This is where the right wall tiles can help. By choosing tiles with a sheen or shimmer, they will help to reflect the available light - especially useful in darker corners of the home such as an ensuite bathroom, which can sometimes feel gloomy. Gloss tiles such as the stunning Poitiers collection could be the perfect choice or a light and bright polished porcelain.

To Trick the Eye

Pictured: Inwood 3D Beige

Wall tiles are a fantastic way to make a statement and add an element of surprise, too. Tiles that look convincingly like wood are perfect if you like a cosy and more natural home style. The wood effect is convincing and lends warmth while still being practical. With a scandi-style rustic finish, a tile like Inwood behind a breakfast bar would be a great choice, evoking coffee shop vibes.

To add a Touch of Class

Pictured: Marmori Calacatta White Polished

For a sophisticated and superior look, you can’t really go wrong with a natural stone or marble tile. But you could also look at neutral tonal tiling, too. By layering your room in coordinating muted shades, from the floor to the furniture, you’ll create a cohesive interior style. This look doesn’t have to be bland – add interest by opting for tiles with a surface texture or an interesting tile layout, such as an elegant herringbone pattern or by tiling vertically. Smart matt black or brass taps and hardware in either the kitchen or bathroom will further enhance this look.

To Pack a Punch

Pictured: Poitiers Bordeaux Gloss

Colour lovers can go wild with a wide choice of bold tile colours, either as a solid wall colour or broken up into stripes, borders or blocks. You could go for a mix and match checkerboard or try an ombre effect, perhaps starting with a minty shade graduating into a dark forest green, or blush pink to deep plum. You can’t go wrong with patterned tiles to add impact, for example contemporary geometric designs.

To Give an Element of Surprise

Pictured: Dyroy Blue | Dyroy Green

Use wall tiles in an unconventional way to surprise your guests. A traditional Victorian or Moroccan design can evoke nostalgia and they look chic and stylish when placed around a fireplace, on a hearth or clad to a chimney breast wall. Tiles can add a joyful expression and unexpected pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room. Go for a cheery primary colour or choose an eclectic mix of tile patterns to add quirkiness, for example around a kitchen island or on a tabletop as a unique feature. Alternatively, create a cool look by part tiling a wall in a scallop tile or a herringbone layout which leaves a characterful top edge.

To Go Retro

Reflection Bright Coloured Wall Tiles

Pictured: Reflections Yellow | Reflections Royal Blue

Don’t relegate square tiles to the past. Although they were the height of fashion in the 80s, they tended to be plain white back then. Now you can go retro with a square tile but bring it up to date with a beautiful glossy tile colour or a contrasting grout. Pink tiles and grey grout for example. Or with a jazzy diagonal pattern.

To Upgrade a Plain Kitchen or Bathroom

Tiles can be relied upon to give a wow factor that may be missing from a conventional kitchen or bathroom. Instead of changing your entire bathroom suite or kitchen cupboards, it may be more cost and time effective to adorn the walls with a beautiful tile instead. Mosaics or penny tiles in the bathroom can elevate the most ordinary white suite.

Similarly, an imaginatively tiled splashback in the kitchen can be transformative, taking the focus away from bland cupboards and appliances. 

Hopefully this post has demonstrated how tiles can totally enliven a space with their vibrancy or sheen, pattern and texture. Not only can they hide wall imperfections and provide a long lasting and durable design detail; the power and versatility of tiles shouldn’t be underestimated or overlooked as a key feature in your home!

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