10 Ways to use Wall Tiles to add Personality with Colour, Shape and Pattern

For a long time, kitchens and bathrooms were functional and practical spaces that weren’t designed to reflect the personality of the people whose homes they were in. They were neutral spaces, usually white, cream, beige or grey, or any other shade on the monochrome scale. 

However, in the last few years, kitchens and bathrooms have become much more exciting as there has been a move away from neutral design schemes in favour of ones that express more personality. 

Coloured sanitaryware and kitchen cabinetry have been on the rise as people have found the confidence to go brighter and bolder without worrying about how this will affect the resale value of their home. But if this is a step too far for you, there are other ways to add personality using colour, shape and pattern. 

Wall tiles can be used to inject personality into your home, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, but also in hallways and utility rooms. They are a perfect way to add colour, pattern and shape to a room allowing you to really express yourself, even if you are not that confident with design. 

Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Attractive Angles

Metro tiles are a perennially popular choice of wall tile. Spice things up by installing them in different patterns such as herringbone. Inspired by parquet flooring, the herringbone pattern is now being used on walls to create striking splashbacks and stunning shower walls.

Vertical Variety

Vertical Coloured Wall Tiles

Pictured left: Dyroy Blue | Right: Poitiers Bordeaux Gloss

Metro tiles can also be used vertically for a more contemporary look. Doing this helps to draw the eye upwards so can create the illusion of height in the room. You can choose from installing them in a brick bond format or simply stacked one on top of the other for a more streamlined look which gives the appearance of less grout lines.

Mixed Metro

Arles Metro Brick Tiles

Another interesting way to use metro tiles to add pattern to your home is choosing a range that features multiple geometric patterns that can be used in conjunction. This is beautifully illustrated by the Arles Snow Décor Mix Gloss Tiles which can also be used with coordinating plain tiles.

Raw Edges

Raw Edge Wall Tiles

Traditionally, tiles are installed and finished with straight edge. But you can add personality to your walls by leaving a raw edge which gives a much more interesting shape and draws the eye on a journey around the room. It also shows that you are a bit of a rule breaker and maverick!

Stunning Shades

Stunning Shades Across Wall Tiles

An effective way to add personality to your walls is to look for a tile with natural shade variation for added interest. Tiles that use varying shades of the same colour immediately break up the expanse of wall and make the colour much easier on the eye.

Beautiful Borders

Beautiful Border Wall Tiles

In many bathrooms, the walls are tiled halfway up leaving the upper part of the wall to be painted or wallpapered. Why not create a half and half effect by using different coloured tiles on the wall. Creating this border halfway up the wall works particularly well in rooms with lower ceilings. And the border line doesn’t have to be straight either, like in this example where the Reflections Royal Blue Tile has been used in a zig zag to break up the larger expanse of yellow tile.

Authentically Artisan

Authentically Artisan Wall Tiles

Handmade and artisan tiles bring a unique mix of colour, pattern and texture to the walls. These tiles offer instant individuality due to the lack of uniformity. Even if your tiles aren’t authentically made by artisan hands, you can find collections that have a similar feel to them, like the Arles Forest Gloss Tiles seen above. Shade variations, unevenness and imperfect edges create a more natural rustic appeal.

Courageous Colour Blocking

Courageous Coloured Wall Tiles

Colour blocking has worked its way into interiors over the last few years and basically means covering large expanses with one continuous colour. If doing every wall surface in the room is a step too far, be selective instead. This technique can often be used to make certain features stand out, like a shower cubicle or a splashback.

Surprising Shapes

Surprising Shapes Pink Hex Wall Tiles

Tiles are predominantly square or rectangular in shape, but in recent years things have got much more exciting. From decorative Art Decor fan shapes to Moroccan fish scales, to diamonds right through to hexagons, shape is another great way to add personality to the walls.

Tactile Textures

Dark Grey Wall Tiles

If colour and pattern are still too adventurous, perhaps consider adding personality to your walls using textured tiles. Textured and 3D tiles add depth and dimension to a room and stop your walls from being a flat and boring surface. They work particularly well as a feature wall or to highlight a certain area, such as the splashback you see in the image above.

Which of these 10 ways to add personality to your walls with colour, shape and pattern are your favourites? Have you tried any of these tactics yourself?

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