Our Favourite Wall Tile Trends

The latest wall tile trends

Embracing creativity and playfulness, wall tiles are no longer used solely for their functional element. Not only do they provide a durable surface that is easy to clean, they can also breathe life into a room through texture and colour. From colourful finishes and patterned designs to natural-effect wall tiles, there is an endless range of different looks you can create.

With the constant evolution of design trends, it's sometimes hard to keep up! So, here is our round up of the latest wall tile trends to offer some inspiration.

Bold Geometric Patterns

One of the most popular styles of wall tile is bold geometric designs. These designs can range from simple linear shapes to more complex patterns, available in a variety of colours and materials. Take a look at our hexagonal tile range for an innovative twist on the geometric trend. Whether used for a kitchen or bathroom, adorn any space with our Varadero Hexagonal Tiles in either pink or grey. Wherever you choose to use them, geometric patterned tiles add a contemporary and eye-catching touch to any wall.

Stylish bathroom and kitchen settings featuring Varadero
Top Left: Varadero Rose Hexagon Tile | Top Right: Etsy | Middle: Varadero Mint Hexagon Tile | Bottom Left: Varadero Moonlight Hexagon Tile & Varadero Grey Hexagon Tile | Bottom Right: Varadero Azure Hexagon Tile, Varadero Grey Hexagon Tile & Varadero Moonlight Hexagon Tile

Large format Tiles

Another trend for wall tiles is the use of large format designs; these types of tiles are typically larger than 600mm. They can create a seamless effect on any wall and are perfect for spaces with high ceilings or open plan areas. Additionally, with fewer grout lines it means they're easier to maintain and will prevent the growth of mould or mildew. Take a look at our entire collection of large format tiles for a surface option that will perfectly match any aesthetic.

Modern-looking bathroom styles featuring Kingston, Nebula and Marmori
Top: Kingston Tiles | Bottom Left: Nebula Tiles | Bottom Right: Marmori Tiles

Textured Surfaces

Textured tiles have become an incredibly popular trend in recent years, and they continue to be a favourite choice for walls. The texture on these tiles can range from subtle waves to more pronounced designs, like 3D hexagons, circles, or honeycomb. Our favourite from our range is the Polesden White Tile, as it adds the right balance of visual interest and subtlety to any room. Textured tiles can also create a tactile appearance, making the room more inviting.

Textured tiles featuring Buxy, Handcrafted and Polesden
Top Left: Buxy Antracita Hexagon Tile | Top Right: Handcrafted Beige Décor Tile | Bottom: Polesden Art White Tile

Colourful Tiles

Why not inject energy into your home with some colourful wall tiles? Here at CTD we like to keep up with the latest colour trends and styles, meaning we've got a huge range of colourful tiles that certainly won't go out of fashion. If like us, you've seen green and pink take centre stage within interiors, then why not try out our Nador Tiles in your home? Available in Mint Gloss and Rose Gloss, they can add a unique and playful touch to your walls. But if you'd prefer a more statement look, then our Titan Ruby Tiles are the perfect choice. Bold colour is an especially favourable style choice for bathrooms that are smaller in size, as they can add interest and draw the attention away from the size of the room.

Colourful tile schemes featuring Titan, Nador and Dyroy Stylish vases
Top Left: Titan Ruby Tile | Top Right: Nador Pink Gloss Tile & Nador Mint Gloss Tile | Middle: Dyroy Aqua Tile
Bottom Left: Lenleyshome | Bottom Middle: Nakeninteriors Bottom Right: Collagerie

Natural Stone-effect Wall Tiles

Natural stone-effect tiles, such as marble, travertine and concrete, have always been popular for their unique colours, veining and textures. They add a sense of luxury and elegance as well as a rustic feel to any space. Browse our Nature Tiles range for a truly organic and spa-like feel that will bring a sense of nature into any indoor space. We especially like our Nature Bone Concept Tiles for this particular look.

Textured tiles featuring Buxy, Handcrafted and Polesden
Top Left: Tiffany Dark Tile | Top Right: Nature Bone Tile & Nature Bone Mosaic Tile | Bottom Left: Slate Mix Multicolour Tile | Bottom Right: Tiffany Grey Tile

We absolutely love looking at all the different wall tile trends that crop up every year! Whilst we see a few trends returning, there is always something new and different which makes wall tiling even more fun! If you're currently looking for the perfect wall tile for your project, then browse our full range here.

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