Pastel Wall Tiles: 5 Ways to Make Your Interior Pop

Ice cream shades, pretty pinks, sky blues and minty tones, pastels are here and they’re not going anywhere! Long gone are the days when pastels were associated with children’s décor - they’ve evolved into colour palettes that are incorporated into homes in all different rooms, from kitchens and bathrooms to living spaces. If you’re looking to revamp your walls with some pastel prettiness, read on for 5 ways you can really make your interior pop…

1. Beautiful Blues

Blissful and beautiful, pastel blue walls will inject a feeling of serenity into your interior. Most popular within the kitchen or bathroom, there are a few ways to make your walls pop with blue pastel tiles.

Just because you’re opting for pastel tiles, doesn’t mean your whole space needs to be light. Here, our Nador Sky tiles have been used as a splashback within this moody modern kitchen. Paired with the dark navy cabinetry and black accents, it’s the perfect example of how to combine light with dark for an enviable contemporary scheme.

If lighter is what you’re going for, pastel blue is of course great for that too. Team with light wood tones and white accents for a bright and inviting space. Ideal for bathrooms, a patterned blue pastel tile can act as an eyecatching focal point behind a freestanding bath, as seen here with our Varadero Azure Blue tiles.

Blue Wall Tiles

2.Pretty Pinks

Pretty by name and certainly pretty by nature, pink is one of the most versatile shades when it comes to interior design. From kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and even exteriors, pink really is everywhere. For a retro-inspired bedroom, pair our Nador Pink Gloss wall tiles with oak rattan furniture, or for a playful bathroom scheme team the pink tiles with an upcycled contrasting green cabinet and modern accessories.

To add some interest to your pink walls, consider a patterned pink tile like our Varadero Rose tile. The geometric white lines will create an eyecatching focal point and help to make any monochrome accents really pop. Or, if you’re looking for a more traditional approach, our Poitiers Rose pink gloss tiles will work beautifully as a splashback in a Shaker-style kitchen or in a brickbond format on a bathroom wall for a hint of playful and warming colour.

Pink Wall Tiles
(Top Left & Bottom Right) Nador Pink Gloss | (Top Right) Varadero Rose Hexagon | (Bottom Left) Poitiers Rose Pink Gloss

3. Gorgeous Greys

One of the most popular neutrals, grey can also act as a soft pastel palette. Ideal for those wanting a more pared-back approach to pastels, soft grey tones like those offered by our Poitiers Moonlight tiles will coordinate effortlessly with plants and natural textures, perfect if you’re looking to create a spa-like bathroom.

Grey doesn’t necessarily mean plain, you can add some playful character to your walls by opting for an eyecatching tile pattern - horizontal stacking is an easy way to add interest whilst remaining sleek and minimalist, whilst a half-tiled herringbone wall will bring a feeling of rusticity to the overall space.

4. Minty Fresh

Revitalising and refreshing, mint pastel wall tiles suit a variety of interior styles. Whether you’re thinking of bringing some calming tones into a classic bathroom, or creating a visual focal point behind your kitchen sink, mint is one of the most versatile pastel shades.

One of the most popular pairings, mint and pink will create a grown-up pastel haven. As seen here in this bathroom scheme, our Nador Mint gloss tiles sit behind the pop of pink from the vase, contrasting and coordinating all at the same time.

Mint Wall Tiles

5. Pastel Combinations

If one pastel just isn’t enough, think about combining multiple shades. Pink and blue, mint and grey or green and pink, the options are endless and no one combination is better than another.

Create an asymmetric focal point using the Varadero Hexagon tiles in two different shades. Seen here using the mint and grey tiles, the jagged nature of the splashback and random placement of different colours delivers a perfectly imperfect effect, adding an extra element of character to this kitchen scheme.

If you don’t want to fully commit to a pastel-coloured tile, a marble-effect tile will pair well with pastel painted walls, furniture and accessories. Seen here, our Kingston tiles are accompanied by a curved pink wall, a baby blue vanity unit and even a pink basin - creating a pastel and marble bathroom that oozes luxury and style.

Pastel Combination Wall Tiles

If you weren’t on board with pastels before, we’re sure you are now. Discover our range of pink wall tiles, blue wall tiles and green wall tiles to find your perfect pastel shade!

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