5 Top Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Wall tiles play a key role in both kitchens and bathrooms. They can act as a creative focal point and really bring the look of an entire room together, so it’s important to get them just right for your space. From eye-catching tile placements to bold and beautiful colour choices, there’s a huge range of ways you can use tiles creatively in kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re looking for some inspiration, read on to find out what our top five ideas are for wall tiles in these all-important rooms in the home!

1. Statement Splashbacks

In both the kitchen and the bathroom, no matter what size, a splashback can have a big impact. You can make a statement through colour or through pattern - either way you’ll find that using your wall tiles creatively for a splashback is a really simple way to add interest. 

Placing colourful wall tiles in a herringbone pattern in the kitchen is a really popular and effective way of incorporating some standout style into your kitchen - as seen here in @hamlynhome’s home. Another way to get creative is to place metro tiles in a vertical format - this simple idea will draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of space, whilst bringing another dimension to either your kitchen or bathroom.

Statement Splashback Wall Tiles

Top Left Image: @hamlynhome | Right Image: @ten_sea_view

2. Shower & Bath Feature Walls

If you don’t want to tile all your bathroom walls then a feature wall is ideal. Perfect for framing your bath or shower space, wall tiles can help to zone your bathroom and make a stunning style statement. Herringbone wall tiles in a pop of colour are always a popular choice, but if you’re feeling brave, why not opt for hexagon tiles in an unstructured layout? Seen here using our Varadero Azure hexagon tiles, this shower space packs a punch, ticking all the style boxes!

Statement Shower Bath Feature Walls

Top Left Image: @rebeccarenovates_ | Bottom Left Image: @extending_frenoes_farmhouse

3. Half-way Tiles

A common choice for bathrooms, tiling half-way up the wall is a fantastic way of adding an extra dimension to a space. It’s ideal if you’re wanting to bring in different colours or finishes and stops the room from feeling too cold or stark. We love how @fixingupbluebells has created a stunning look using our rectangular metro wall tiles to create a sleek bathroom scheme

Half Way Up Bathroom Wall Tiles

Left Image: @fixingupbluebells 

4. Vertical Stacked Wall Tiles

The most common way to tile is in a horizontal, linear format. However, we are starting to see more homeowners get creative and stack them in various vertical formats too! Here you can see three different ways to vertically stack your wall tiles - staggered, brickbond or linear - all of which look wonderfully stylish and add a modern twist to a classic use of metro wall tiles!

Vertical Stacked Wall Tiles

Top Left Image: @amy_newton_interiors | Right Image: @ourjunohouse

5. Mix & Match

For those of you who are a bit more daring, why not mix things up a bit? Different colour combinations can add a real wow-factor to both kitchens and bathrooms and you shouldn’t be afraid to be a little less structured when it comes to your wall tile choices. Create something visually unique by staggering the height and format of your splashback tiles - things don’t always have to be in straight lines! For an added bit of interest, think about combining different colourways. Here, you can see how our Varadero Hexagon collection has been used in two different shades, creating something that’ll make heads turn but remain cohesive in its look and style. So don’t be afraid to mix and match, embrace your fun side and get creative with colours and layouts! 

Mix and Match Wall Colourful Wall Tiles

For more kitchen and bathroom tile inspiration, head over to our dedicated sections on our website in our inspiration hub! Don’t forget to tag is on Instagram in your tile transformations, we love to see how you use our tiles!

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