Top Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Wall Tiles

When embarking on a tile installation journey, it’s important to get things right from start to finish to ensure you achieve the best result possible. As with most things in the home, preparation is key and it’s a vital step that will make the whole process smoother whilst avoiding the grief of having to fix the problem if it goes wrong. If you’re about to take on a big tiling project, you might want to stick around for this one, as we will be running through all of the most common mistakes to avoid when installing wall tiles.

1. Consider your Adhesive

Using the incorrect adhesive for the tile is a very common error. It’s vital to check that the adhesive being used is suitable for the area. For example, ready-mixed adhesives are only suitable for installing smaller ceramic tiles onto walls.

Don’t dot and dab – applying your adhesive in this manner creates voids between the substrate and the tiles which can cause the tiles to crack from pressure after installation – this typically happens more with floor tiles but it can occur with wall tiles too.

Adhesive To Avoid Wall Tile Mistakes

2. Make Sure you Measure

Don't forget to take the time to measure the area when installing wall tiles, as it can lead to all sorts of problems. To measure properly, find the centre of the wall, as this will be your starting point for tiling. If you don’t do this, it may result in uneven or very thin cuts at either end of the wall.

Always start from the centre of the wall and place a few loose tiles in their intended position first to check that you are happy with the positioning.

Measure Your Wall Tiles

3. Use the Right Tools

Making sure you have the right fixing tools is crucial to any installation. Always make sure that you use a levelling batten to allow for the first course of tiles to be installed. Failure to do this will result in uneven cuts and potentially wonky square tiles, which will affect your finished look.

You should also always avoid using old cleaning equipment, for example old shards of tile can get stuck in a pre-used sponge. Using that sponge to wipe down another tile can result in a scratched surface, ruining your finished result.

Use the Right Tools for Your Wall Tiles

4. Quantity of Tiles

Miscalculating the amount of tiles needed is possibly the most common mistake that can be made when tiling. One of the simplest ways to reduce miscalculations is to re-measure the area and make sure that the walls are flat by applying a spirit level to the wall. You will then need to check this against your original measurements to see if they match up.

Another top tip: have another person measure the room so that you can cross reference with your own measurements, as a safety net! 

To avoid any major issues, we always recommend purchasing 20% more tiles than you need according to your measurements. This helps with cuts, wastage and any miscalculations and prevents you from running into issues if you need to re-order and your product is out of stock!

Quantity of Wall Tiles

5. Get Your Grout Timing Right

Applying the grout too soon is another common mistake when installing tiles. We understand that once you start a tiling job, you will want to get it done as quickly as possible, however don’t make the error of rushing to the final stage.

If you apply grout too soon, it may dry patchy as the dampness from the adhesive will be absorbed into the grout, creating excess moisture within the mixture. It is also imperative to ensure that the grout is applied as smoothly as possible, or it will not dry correctly and the end colour will be uneven.

Mixing different batches of grout is also quite a frequently made mistake which can result in patchiness once it’s dry!

Finally, never allow your adhesive or grout to dry on the face of the tile as it will result in a haze on the surface of the tile. The only way to remove this is to wash the newly fitted tiles down with a cement residue remover.

Grouting Your Wall Tiles

We hope this blog has helped you prepare for your tiling renovation and will stop you from making as many mistakes as possible. Remember to always prepare as much as possible, as this might just save you time and money in the long run! Let us know how you get on!

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