Cloakroom Wall Tile Ideas

Under the stairs, end of the hallway or tucked behind a kitchen, just because cloakrooms are small rooms doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about. In fact, they’re actually the perfect spots to get a bit creative with your interior design! Tiles can add colour, pattern and texture to the walls of cloakrooms, from herringbone splashbacks to pops of pink, take a look at our top cloakroom wall tile ideas!

Embrace Colour

Your cloakroom is perfect for playing with colour. As a small, tucked away room, you don’t have to worry about complementing the rest of the home or making a statement in the wrong way - you can just go wild and embrace your colourful side! There are a few different ways to bring colour to your walls using tiles. For something slightly different, think of using a square tile, instead of your usual rectangle, all in a bright shade. The amazing sunshine yellow from our Reflections wall tiles in @the_warren_crew_at_52’s cloakroom shows you exactly how it’s done! Combined with a patterned wallpaper in the little nook, it’s the perfect happy space. Alternatively, a patterned hexagon tile in pink, like our Varadero tile, is guaranteed to add some wow-factor. Or, our colourful Poitiers collection can be placed in eye-catching formations to form a bold and beautiful splashback!

Coloured Cloakroom Wall Tiles

Bottom Left: @the_warren_crew_at_52

Half-wall Tiles

A popular decor choice in cloakrooms is to tile halfway up the wall. This is great if you’re trying to save a bit on the cost of your tiles but also allows you to add a different dimension to the space. It can make the room feel a bit more lived in and inviting. Classic metro wall tiles work well for this look, especially when paired with a subtle light paint shade, like @cheesebeano has done here! If you want to add that extra bit of pizazz to your downstairs loo, consider using the same patterned tile on the floor as halfway up your wall. @thehousebehindthetrees_ shows how this is done with our Cuban White Star tiles.

Half Up Cloakroom Wall Tiles

Left Image: @thehousebehindthetrees Right Image: @cheesebeano

Marble Wall Tiles

If you want to add a bit of luxury to your cloakroom, marble is the perfect wall tile choice. There are so many marble-effect wall tiles that will give you all the elegance of real marble with the practical benefits of porcelain. If you’re going down this route, go all-out and cover all your walls, top to bottom in the tiles. Combine with some chrome accents for a classic refined look, some matte black for a more modern touch or a pop of colour for a fun twist. We love how @luxmumma and @skjoiners15 have incorporated the marble look into their bathrooms.

Marble Cloakroom Wall Tiles

Bottom Left Image: @skjoiners15 Right Image: @luxmumma

A Touch of Texture

If pattern and colour aren’t quite your thing but you still want to add some interest to your cloakroom walls, texture can do just that. Textured tiles in neutral and pared-back colours can create schemes that are just as exciting as colourful ones. Featuring mini 3D hexagons, our Buxy Antracita wall tiles are the perfect example of how to successfully bring texture into a cloakroom. Not feeling a fully tiled textured wall? Then just opt for a central section above the basin. Seen here, our Cement Tech Mini wall tiles in two different colourways combine a smooth finish in a pale beige with a structured finish in a complementary grey tile, creating the perfect elegant cloakroom scheme.

Cloakroom Textured Wall Tiles

Go Vertical

For a dynamic and fun approach to tiling in a cloakroom, think about laying your wall tiles in a vertical formation instead of horizontally. You can do this in a few ways - @claire.a.ramshaw has chosen to place her Poitiers tiles in a linear vertical format, showing how even white tiles can be eye-catching! Whilst @busy_home_happy_family have placed their blue wall tiles in a small-format vertical brickbond, adding that extra bit of interest to the cloakroom walls!-We hope we’ve convinced you that cloakrooms shouldn’t be forgotten about! Get creative with your wall tiles and make a statement, no matter how small the space!

Left Images: @busy_home_happy_family Right Image: @claire.a.ramshaw

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